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  1.  great british film


    i absolutly loved this film, the style, the genre, the story. i loved the atmosphere this film made, and they way the story was protrayed it was a brillent watch

  2.  good! for a while...


    the quility on these where alright iuntil i dropped them into water, after a month stranglerly they work better than before, now ive had them about 4 months the quaility is rubbish but then agian i thiunk ive blown them out with very loud music but great for the timne ive had them

  3.  good storyline, onlines not for me


    i really enjoyed playing throught the campain and the spec ops but the online just didnt do it for me, i mainly brought this game as all my friends where getting it.. this game is infested with campers and modders.. i much preffer moden warfare 1 and gears of war online

  4.  a big let down


    this game was very easy to get to grips with the controils are easy especally if you have played resident evil 4. but if you have played the xbox 360 version you are in for a big disapontment, unlike the 360 version you have lots of ammo for guns, in fact u dont have to use items as you can justg shoot everything. this takes the fun of killing everything with anything. also alot of the old wepons now dont exist and the fun old plastic lightsaber can now kill enamys with one hit. a big let down. the other anoying thing about this game unlike the 360's version is you dont have the freedom as the last game as it gives you missions and a arrow to follow to complet. ovulesly you can take your time and have some fun but i missed just finding missions about the map. in my eyes a big let down