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     Doesn't make sense...


    I bought this film for two reasons 1) Trailer looked fun 2) It said it was better than kick-ass which is a massive boast. One out of two isn't bad is it ?

    Firstly, it's nothing like Kick-Ass, It's like saying a glass of water is like the ocean. In short the film is like someone took the Office and made a character dress up in a super hero outfit and fail to get a laugh. If you love the office, you may like this, if you're mentally retarded you may also laugh. In CONCLUSION...If you are even thinking of buying this - RENT IT or BORROW it.

    It's that bad it should be banned.

  2.  entertaining


    In the current age of drama's and crime shows it's nice to see a show that doesn't take itself too seriously. Sean Maguire is great, the female lead alone is worth buying for, and even Matt Lucas who I never find funny is excellent. A rare gem, maybe not everyone's taste but a welcome TV show that is refreshing and funny.

  3.  Pretty Good !


    This is pretty much the only DS game I've found myself enjoying alot. First off, it's a turn based isometric view game where you control 40K units on various missions.
    (Advise you read up on the Games Workshop 40K )

    Graphically it's ok, not as good as many games. Audio is ok and has some fun sounds. Gameplay on single player is pretty good as it does take up alot of time and you kind of do get into it a bit. Online play isn't amazing as it's hard to find a game and you'll get beat anyway ;-). One big downside is the lack of hotseat type game as you're stuck to the missions so you'll need to start multiplayer or online to enjoy fully. From alot of the reviews they did moan about the controls, there is a tendency to accidentally send all your troops to one location and then tempt chucking the DS off a wall, but if you just remember to use the shoulder button (Switch unit) and never click on the centre of a unit you should be ok.

    Overall the game is fun and I hope they bring out some more with extra units and races to play , then double the mission numbers and add in more game modes, then spark up the graphics a bit.

    If you like Turn based , take your time and think, have fun games. Less if you want hardcore frantic action.

  4.  Remember when ...................


    A friend would tell you that something was the worst film they'd ever seen ? Well, this is that moment. Unless you have the most retarded sense of what is funny, you will honestly be looking for the time spent watching this dribble back at the pearly gates of heaven.

    I thought it would be funny or entertaining like some other teen orientated comedy's etc, but the jokes are for 5 year olds and it's just downright awful.

    I would love to go on about how bad it is, but don't buy it ! If you do, and find it funny, then you need help....and most of all I'd like to meet you because you'd have to be one deranged person to enjoy this .


  5.  Compelling


    In the last few years there have been a load of Sci-Fi series. Among them there are some good ones, some bad ones and once in a while some great ones. This is one such series.

    It remains hip and trendy at first , but has heart and dark humour added into the mix. It's stars and guest stars generally deliver excellent performances and the characters are sincere and you can really relate to them. Jessica Alba really stands out, anyone who says she hasn't had a chance to show her acting skills should watch this. Overall if you like Sci-Fi , you'll love this.

    The only downside of this is that there were only two seasons, what on earth Mr Cameron was thinking off cutting it short is beyond me. The writers and actors could have taken this to legendary status, but I guess we'll just have to settle for exceptional.

  6.  Never thought it could be done.


    Real Time Strategy is something of an enigma when it comes to running on a console. The games industry has tried in the past with some success with Lord of The Rings, but it's not until now that I feel they have managed to make their mark on the console market.

    C&C has already been released on the PC and in many ways this version is identical. The major differences are :-

    1) Controls are by the joypad. This is very intuitive and quicker in some aspects to the mouse\keyboard combination. Micro - Mangement is a bit hard as selecting a single unit can be difficult. Overall the joypad performs admirably on this title. I don't think mouse\keyboard purists will be converted and some people may not get to grips as quickly as they liked but practice makes perfect.

    2) Support for the XBox Live Vision Camera which allows you to all see eachother in real-time video. This adds a new and ultimately rewarding aspect to the game and makes it more interpersonal than the PC version.

    3) Exclusive modes - Unique to the 360 the developers have added a few extra modes which will proably appear on the PC once they mod it.

    As for the game....it's got a blockbuster presentation, compelling story and the gameplay is second to none. I really thought it would suck, but this game is the best RTS game you'll find on any console, and considering it's stepping into the PC arena it deserves alot of respect for that alone. Buy it, or at the very least download the demo. I would advise you read the PC reviews first to help you decide.

    Pitty the PS3 didn't get this, they could have done with at least one good game this year ;-)