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  1.  if only there was a sixth star :(


    this film is epic beyond belief, anyone who is into there old school tekken and mario themed games, this film is for you, a proper gamers film and its from the creators of shaun of the dead and hot fuzz, its got to be funny, and blu ray just enhances the experience, BUY IT!!! ;)

  2.  bordem = zero


    ok, whoever seas this game is too short is either a noob or an idiot, there is soo much to do other than the main quest line in this game and literaly everything you do had a consequence, now you can if you want to play though the main story and be done in about a day and a half and put it on your shelf never to be played again thats fair enough but the developers dident just make a main big story line, get out and explore the world, do other quests, get some loot, go and buy a mansion, get a family. i know there has been allot of quiries about it being glitchy, myself i havent come across any problems so i cant specualte but if you like allot of freedom and real life consequences like if you eat too much cheery pie, you will get a fat (it happend to me) then i highly reccomend this game.

  3.  Incredible IF your a big fan of AvP


    since i am a massive fan of the alien and predator films, a high graphics game was a godsend, i have played about half way through the marine campage and i can tell you, the atmosphere is perfect, its dark, creepy and very unpredictable, one flaw i will say about the marine campage is so far, you have been going at it solo fending off loads of aliens and preds which isent really part of the idea of the films, online is competative and can be a bit frustrating but i would say get this game if all you have ever wanted to do since the alien and predetor films if stick your tail through some marines and and also skin some with the predator. love it :)

  4.  retitle: the epic book


    cant say anything bad about this book, very handy bit of kit, its got alot of info in it, everything an experienced or upcoming artsit needs on their favourite artists all around the world, and at this price is it a definate buy :)

  5.  Great space filler


    got my poster not long ago, i wont say it was in 100% condition but 99.9%, fantastic poster, great to fill any empty wall space will some COD4-2 action, i would recommend this poster to anyone, a must buy.