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  1.  Outrageous!


    Less than a fiver for this CD!!!

    If you're reading this in the first place, then you must be interested in Daft Punk, and if you're interested in Daft Punk, you need this CD. It is truly wonderful. All their best tracks in one long, awesome, exciting, throbbing live concert.

    Don't even think about it, just buy it now.

  2.  At £2.99, any fan of Sci-Fi should get this.


    Also, I think that the similarities between this and 'Lost' are too great to be ignored. Hallucinations, time slips, alternate realities - sound familiar? Only time will tell.

    A really well made, gripping, exciting and sometimes scary piece of sci-fi. I don't ever remember this being on TV, but I'm glad I got the DVD so I didn't have to wait to find out what happens.

    As my title says, at £2.99 this is well worth the money. Superb effects, great cast and an intriguing storyline make this totally engrossing.

    Finally, I must thank the two previous reviewers for convincing me to buy this. Thanks guys!

  3.  Thank God for Keith Emerson!


    At last, a decent prog rock album for all us fans.

    You can keep your Dreamtheatre, give me Emerson, Emerson & Emerson any day.

    He's pulled all the stops out for this one, hinting at Tarkus, Trilogy and Brain Salad Surgery, it's all in there. It's nice to hear him play the variety of keyboards again, a lot of his recent work has been piano only, and I've missed that grinding organ. Mark Bonilla has a fine voice and plays a mean guitar, (a bit too 'American' sounding for my taste). The drummer, Greg Bissonette does a grand job, (possibly over-produced) as does Bob Birch on bass.

    Overall, a really great album that will improve with listens. But I've dropped a star for it not being by ELP. I can't help but wishing it was Greg Lake on vocals and Carl Palmer on drums whenever I listen to it. Not fair, I know, and I suppose I should move on really, but I just can't help it.

    For any ELP fan, buy this. It won't disappoint.

  4.  It's worth a lot to me...it is


    What a great T Shirt at an amazing price! I've got a few of the other Star Wars shirts and paid £11.99 for them, so I'm absolutely chuffed to have got this one for a fiver. Great quality shirt with brilliant graphics. Snap one up quick while it's at this low, low price.

  5.  What do you want?


    If you like action, comedy, thrills and whip-cracking and Indiana Jones then this ticks all the boxes. I really can't understand why so many people don't like this. What's not to like?

    I'm a massive Indi fan and this has all the elements that you'd expect in an IJ film.

    I can't wait for 10/11/08 so I can watch it over and over again.

  6.  Don't even think about it!


    Just order it now. At £12.99 it is an absolute bargain. I'm thinking of buying another one just cos' it's so cheap.

    This is just THE BEST WW2 drama series ever put to film. Superbly made, acted and filmed. There is nothing negative to say about this.


  7.  The Ultimate Adventure on PSP


    I've only played this game for an hour so far so I can't give it a full review, but the 5 stars are for the bits I've done. The laughs come thick and fast, it is so clever how Lego manage to get so much humour into the little characters. The cut scenes are brilliant and there are some great Star Wars references in there too. As for the game itself, it's very similar to Lego Star Wars in playabilty and controls, but at first glance I would say that it is a bit more challenging, with a lot more puzzle solving right from the start. Having said that, with the Lego makers, you're never totally and utterly stuck, (not yet anyway). The graphics are excellent too, although sometimes the action can be a bit on the small side, but that's what you'd expect on a PSP screen. Apart from that I can't fault it.

    So, if you liked Lego Star Wars, and you like Indiana Jones, then this is an absolute must-buy.

  8.  A stunning little camera


    This camera is so cool. It looks great, feels great, is fairly easy to use even without reading the instructions. It has loads of features too, such as image editing on the camera using the built-in screen which is very nice indeed, it'll play movies, converted using the PC software, and it plays MP3's. I bought a 2Gb SD card too, and now I can take about 1500 images at 6 million pixels as well as keeping and playing music on it through the built-in speakers. All in all a fantastic camera at an exceptional price. Don't hesitate to buy one. I love mine!