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  1.  Yeh i agree with below comment..


    stand looks very good just ordered it myself but i sold a new headset for it as i had 3 of them in stock..considering it is stand for ps3 and charging dock and dvd rack all the rest comes with what you already have paid 300 for ps3 to put on them and games good idea like i would say but when sell old dock for charging and get this new 1 narrows down the price so i kind got mine for free cause i sell lots =) recommend though

  2.  excellent game monopoly!!!!!!


    so much fun & hard to put down pretty god so ,many boards to unlock streets is amzaing addition to the game and auctions are new aswell everyone compete in for different properties

  3.  HAWX2! GD improvement but more missions please?


    is very good improvement from number 1 you can actually take the jets off and land them yourself which is a big bonus,missions aint all that long which is disappointing but overall price has been dropped of game price so id say is worth it.i was a fan of hawx1 and number 2 still enjoyed every level!



    1st getting this game i didnt know what to expect but was very impressed and shocked how many zombies there really is,all kind of weapons to pick up and can hold 4 at a time,gameplay and story is good and hard at time when you have 4 life bar and if you cant make it to a restroom to save your game you can lose all your kills which is sooo annoying thing about it that..thats all id knock this game for..because you have to jump through 1000s zombies without getting touched on 1 life to try survive and get your kills saved..there is snacks and drinks about to up your life but zombies are surround by half of them so dont get to pick many up..also further i got into it cars and bikes are class,alot quicker and see how you get 10,000 kills easier running them all down in the market ha,chainsaw good aswell literally cuts limbs off and in half.quite fun game all round and blood.survivors i was wondering is there only 1 safe house does anyone know?? because am far away from it with 2 survivors do i go all the way back to drop them off?

  5.  SUPERBED! Funny film watched in a while!!!!!!


    from start to finish i enjoyed this film,very funny and lol stuff goes on,very good price its going for would have loved to seen it in pictures like death at a funeral was funny as hell and a crowd off 100 all laughing out loud.made it whole lot funnier,i would recommend this film worth every penny

  6. Mafia II

    Mafia II


    3 New from  £10.37  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £5.83

     Class Game in my opinion Good story and graphically!


    the game starts very well and also more get into the story is very enjoyable and keeps you hooked,ano alot people compare to gta and also saboteur and in ways yes its true just i think you have more direction in this mafia2 were to go and easyier to get missons done as the story tells you and on the map,a prefer this over side missions than drag you away from the real story.overall so glad i bought it and am still about half way through and playing.recommended game,one of best on ps3 in long time.

  7.  UTD TOUR!


    very good tour,been a utd fan myself for many years to be as close as to the ground as inside.was a good price for the day out



    first time playing the game and 2nd one and graphics are very gd quiet a decent length to the game and trophys are very nice.passed few days away and enjoyable.i would recommend to anyone for the price better than alot other games out there.



    definatelly the best transformers ever out,the buttons are very easy to adapt to and forming and un forming from car to truck to plane all by the touch of L3 pressed in and pressed out to form bk,online co op campaign or single campaign,there are huge huge levels take alot chapters to get ur trophys,mulitplayer also a bonus online with team deathmatches better than i expected loads are on daily,game is guna keep me hooked for long time,probs best money i have spent in a while.i recommened it for sure,all ages am 20 and alot lads on last night in 30s very competitive gaming!!!!

  10. Blur



    2 New from  £39.80  Free delivery



    was better than i imagained online and career mode all are every fun and competitive.gd cars and damage and when u pick up all different kits and weapons offer different stuff.can win you races and costs you racers depending on your driving skills and shooting skills,all round very gd just online can be hard when ur starting off cause u have only few cars and others like level 7 and above have better and faster cars thats the big disadvantage reli is!!!!!!! not fair and no chance of winning what so ever.blur needs to sort it out that was mistake in my opinion you stand 0 chance of winning everyone should be aloud same cars