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  1.  The best yet...


    Having owned a few HTC's in the past, I can wholeheartedly say that this is HTC's best effort yet. Of course, there'e the indisputable downside's of poor battery life, but this ain't exclusive to HTC...

    But the screen, the camera, the MP3 playback, video recording etc., are - arguably - probably the best that a sub 500 quid phone has yet seen.

    This phone, or should we say mini-tablet, is a real head turner and looks the biz. Should you be considering an upgrade any-time soon, don't leave this off your short-list.


  2.  If you've read Dawkins' 'Delusion', read this too...


    Not brilliant, but good, and balances against Dawkins' effort well.

  3.  Online does not a great game make...


    I have to confess I was taken in by all the hype, thus deciding to invest in this recently & I can honestly state that (IMHO) the online mode simply does not make this a great game. The Campaign mode is ok, but the sum being more than the parts, COD4 is not a 5* game in any sense of the word. A rather large FACT all too often overlooked is that the MAJORITY of gamers DO NOT play online. So realistically, ANY game should be judged by it's online & OFFLINE modes.

    It may just be that I've missed something along the way (if you know, please educate me) , but this is far from the 'best game ever'. The graphics are ok [better than Haze ;-) ], but far from awesome. However, the games audio is close to excellent.

    To be fair, I really have tried to 'love' this game, but at every turn I fail to see what all the hype is about? However, it's evident proof that it can & does overwhelm the majority of the gaming populace. Thankfully, gaming is not a democracy ;-p

  4.  For around £1400 now! This is a *must* if you want the best!


    I bought this screen back in January, after having a Bravia 32V2000 for about 8 months - what an upgrade! Offering this screen a 1080p source (i.e. Blu-ray; HD-DVD etc) you'll be putting plasters on your chin from the carpet burns...yes, utterly jaw-dropping. The EX engine does exactly what Sony claim.

    Moreover, rather than spend £150 on a bezel, if you're any good with spray-painting, you can detach the included Silver bezel and customise it to match your surroundings.

    My only mionor gripe is that it doesn't handle 24fps images - but I won't be upgrading again just for that - this screen is probably still one of the very best on the market today, and for it's current price on the web, it's without a doubt the best balance of value & quality!

    Buy with confidence - it will not dissappoint!