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  1.  Really ?


    Wooden actors . Its a bit too stage acting from 6 yr olds for me . Too much hype . very dissappointed.

  2.  I've got a life


    i love it , best bought under the 2 for 20. Bought an XL and theres plenty of room for growth lol . Eye catching and medium/heavy material . Worth the money .

  3.  Tacky


    Pictures don't tell you the whole story here. I bought one with the 2 for 20 offer ( bought a t-shirt ) .. Ok heres the deal . Strap is about less than the size of 2 charity wristbands and the watch part itself is no bigger than my "tab" button on my laptop . Very cheap looking , If you were to buy it down a sunday market , i'd be happy to pay less than a 4 pounds given the fact that an average charity wristband is 1pound and you can pick up a cheap digital watch which has the same functions for 2 pounds.comes in a nice tin box tho, In fact i'd wear the tin box if i could lol . Doesn't even have a back light , just the time/date/second functions.

  4.  I didnt get it.


    Now for those who didnt go to "Frightfest" but still want to know a review of this film then look no further.
    I didnt see one "horror" scene in this movie to make me jump. From start to finish WB made this like a comic "Marvel esque" strip film with the odd "Earlier" "Later that day" type boxes that appear in the film . So you know that this film will skip forwards and backwards to various points in the plot.
    I like Horrors to be scarey and make you hide behind cushions and make you jump out of your skin , unfortunatly you wont do it from this film . The plots are there but only after the film has finished you will start saying to yourself " Eh is that it" . Not impressed.
    Effects are ok thats as good as it get.

  5.  Outstanding


    Love him or hate him , this film centres on the 44 days as the Leeds manager in the early 70's . Michael Sheen is by far one of the best British actors today and plays Cloughie to a tee . Timothy Spall plays his longstanding sidekick Peter Taylor . I shan't give you the plot but what i will say is that after the film you will go onto Youtube and find out whether the some of the scenes are true or just hyped to make the film what it is ... i was surprised.

  6.  Just Average


    Storyline is ok . Just a cheap "Indiana Jones" esque. Usual one liners . And to be honest i don't know where it could have been made better really.

  7.  Chipmunks are here !


    I agree . All you need is to speed up vocals and your almost there . Too repetitive for me . 1 song is ok but for the same thing over and over its just too boring .
    Even i could do it .. call my self "tricycle" or something lol

  8.  Yeah as If


    My Title just sums it up i think. The plot is plausable , the action is good however some scenes defy belief. Its too "over the top" and it'll keep you saying to yourself . "yeah as if" "get real" "like thats gonna happen" etc. The soundtrack is awesome tho and its very metal genre. The reason why some folks say its funny is because of the "James Bond" one liners the unreal action scenes ( especially the sky dive bit where the bad guys all seem to miss him yet with 9 bullets he takes them all out without one miss ...... hmmmmm ) . I'd only buy it if it was on budget release or came free with 5 litres of petrol .

  9.  Squeal Like A Pig !


    One of my all time greats. Burt Reynolds and John Voight star in this great 70's film. 4 guys canoeing through redneck country just so they can say they've completted a stretch of river . Great acting , great scenery and great action scenes . If you haven't seen it then get it for gawd sake . !

  10.  Yup if your bored


    Traditional scrabble , says what it does on the case. Best bit is the multiplayer . It also includes the "Collins" dictionary so you cant put in dodgy words. Tho you can always turn it off which makes the game unplayable really. Buy it if you enjoy long brain minded games.