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  1.  Shocking!


    I've given the game 3 stars as the gameplay is great, really nice to play, but the bugs and glitches in the game are absolutely shocking. Twice i've got to the same place in singleplayer mode, and its booted me back to the dashboard, i've tried to start the game again and it won't let me, I had to reset the Xbox to play the game again, to then find that the game hasn't saved and i've had to restart the campaign from the very beginning. Also, the glitches in the game are bad, i've seen people repelling from helicopters, i've blown the helicopter up with a stinger missile, then seen the enemys floating in mid air to the ground as if their lying down. It was funny to see but you don't like to see these things in games. Especially when you pay so much money for them, the EA servers are ALWAYS down, i can never connect to them. It baffles me how they can release a game with this many bugs, i like Battlefield games, and i've given it 3 stars because there's a patch coming which will probably fix these issues, hopefully anyway, but it's a disgrace how they can release and sell these games when they know there far from finished

  2.  Worst FIFA ever made!!!


    As my title says this is the worse FIFA ever made. I like playing career mode, as a Leeds united fan I like to send us to where we belong....the premier league. On professional difficulty, it's far too easy to hammer teams 4/5-0 so you put it on world class, it's absolutely impossible. If you draw a game 1-1 your over the moon, Infact if u score 1 goal in a game your over the moon. It's impossible to get a shot on target outside of the box, they just get blocked left right and centre. The gameplay is sooooo slow its like playing in slow motion, even on the fastest setting. Absolute garbage game. No wonder it was a free download with the xbox day one edition. Only half decent thing is online friendlies, cos u can have a laugh, but not many of my friends play FIFA. Should have gone for forza

  3.  Best Assassins Creed yet


    I've played all the assassins creeds and I've enjoyed them all but this one is by far the best one yet. Not just because it's next generation and the graphics Etc are much better, but their seems much more to do in this game. You eventually get your own pirate ship which you can sail all around the sea, there's tons of islands to explore which each have their own collectables, treasures etc aswel as the main missions and story line. Haven't played multiplayer yet, but based on single player, you won't be able to put this game down

  4.  One of my favourites!


    This is easily one of my favourite games for the Xbox one. I received it with the day one edition and It was the first game I played. The gameplay is really sweet, very smooth gameplay, the executions are extremely fun, I was worried it could get repetitive but that's not the case at all. I don't know why it has such bad reviews but I wouldn't listen to them. Graphics are superb, gameplay excellent, voices are just as you would expect in a game like this. Absolutely brilliant

  5.  The perfect console


    I do believe this is the perfect console. It has everything you could ever want as a gamer inside a 16" very technical Xbox. The kinect works very well, the set up is very easy and didn't take long at all. The games do take a while to update, but you only have to update once then your rocking and rolling. The games so far are unbelievable. The graphics, gameplay, so smooth and beautiful to play. I would advise buying Ryse and Assassins Creed black flag, the 2 best games if you ask me but I haven't played BF4 yet. The gamepad is very nice and comfortable to use. The only fault I could have is you can't play 360 games on it, but I think this could be updated at some point, and party chat is really poor. So far me and my mate haven't figured out how to speak to eachother, possible faulty headset, but apart from this it's worth every single penny. People who receive the consoles that don't read discs are just unlucky but they know they will get a replacement for the price of nothing. Top drawer!

  6.  two souls


    Firstly I'm going to review the game on the graphics. The graphics are the best I've ever seen on any console, Ellen Page and Willem Defoe play the parts perfectly and the detail on their characters are perfect along with the surrounding locations.
    Gameplay is exactly like Heavy Rain, as expected with it been the same makers, controlling your character with the left stick and just pushing buttons when prompted, personally i prefer to feel more involved in a game and get the proper feel of it, these *button prompts* don't quite do that for me, but with reading reviews before buying the game i knew what to expect.
    The game is definately worth a buy, it's different to other games, controlling Jodie's entity, Aiden, can be fun, controlling other human beings by entering their body, unlocking doors from the other side and scaring people you dislike is entertaining. Playing throughout 15 years of Jodie's life, the game draws you in on quite an emotional experience. I haven't quite completed the game yet, but i wouldn't have thought it would have much replay value, I bought mine for 44.99 but once i've finished the game i will be selling it as i wouldn't be wanting to play it again.
    All in all a very good game with something different to it. 5 stars for me.

  7. FIFA 14

    FIFA 14

    Xbox 360

    9 New from  £12.99  Free delivery

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    This game is so awful it's unbelievable. I've had all the FIFA for the last 20 years almost, and this probably the worst one i have ever played. You get no time on the ball, it's ridiculously hard on world class in career mode, you can't get a shot away no matter how hard you try, the defenders manage to block it everytime. I'm a Leeds fan and like playing career mode as my team, I know we are rubbish, but I was getting played off the park by afc Wimbledon, all their players were quicker than mine. The worst game I have bought in the last few years. Stay away and stick to FIFA 13

  8.  Better than the first!


    Although the first "Sniper" was ok, it needed improvements in so many areas. The graphics, the gameplay itself, and how you'd miraculously just get stuck on a flat rock and you had to dashboard it to restart the game. This one certainly improves on those areas, although i still think the graphics are still quite poor. Especially in this day and age.
    The gameplay is good, i personally love sniping games, taking enemies out 1 by 1 making sure they don't be seen and an alarm is raised, if you like those games i definately recommend this. Bullet time is sweet, when you take out the last enemy in the area. the camera follows the bullet until it impacts his limbs with blood spurting everywhere, this is a very nice feature in the game although you can't beat sniper V2 bullet time which goes into an X-ray mode showing bones breaking inside the enemies body.
    All in all i do like this game, i give it 4 stars as there is still room for improvement in the graphics and gameplay, it doesn't feel as good as the Cod's and battlefields, but it is definately worth a try.

  9.  Tomb Raider at it's best!


    As a huge fan of all the Tomb Raider games, as soon as i saw this game first announced over a year ago, i for one truly could not wait for the release. Well today i bought it and i've played around 30% of the game in single player mode and it really is Lara Croft at her best. I've only played single player mode though, not multiplayer yet.

    Everything about the game is stunning, the graphics are absolutely amazing, it still amazes me even these days how graphics are so realistic. The gameplay is easy to get used to, you can now upgrade your weapons by collecting salvage, found by looting boxes, chests etc. You can upgrade your survival and combat Skills in any order you want to be able to survive in the rocky conditions. I also take my hat off to Camilla Luddington, the voice of Lara Croft, she's done an exceptional job doing her Oooo's, Arghhhh's and Ouch's as she's falling down cliff sides getting spikes stuck in her limbs. I think it shares a slight similarity to Assassin's Creed with the looting, killing and looting animals for XP and challenges and exploring Tombs which are optional Challenges but well worth it for the achievements and experience. All in all, the best tomb raider you will come across. I honestly thought it might be a slightly cheesy rip off version when i saw the price it was being released at but i was far far wrong. A must game for any gamer, especially Tomb Raider fans.

  10.  What a film!


    A mix between transformers and rocky bring this film to a whole new level. I had it for ages but i never really fancied it, then i flicked sky on and saw a little bit of the movie and though "ooo doesn't look bad that at all" so i gave it a watch. Jeez a lou, was it just me or was anybody else in tears by the end of this film? And i'm a 26 year old male who doesn't cry at anything since ET over 20 years ago. The scenes are unbelievably entetaining from start to finish, the whole storyline is perfect, yet a little predictable as mentioned but still definately worth a watch. Hugh Jackman is brilliant, as in all his films. Him and the kid create a bond with a robot and by the end it just seemed so emotional to me i broke down in tears lol. All in all i would recommened this film to anybody. Don't worry you probably won't need a box of tissues, it's probably just me getting a little feminine with my old age. Brilliant film!