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  1.  Far from awful! The criticism of this film was unwarranted.


    I've watched many types of films this year and After earth was one of my favourites. I really enjoyed it. I had high hopes for it and even though it wasn't an amazing film it was good. A little too short but good nonetheless. I loved the unique father and son dynamic. Jaden did a great job walking in his fathers footsteps. The criticism and hate of this film because of him is truly unfair. It's almost like people are criticising Jaden because they saw more of him and less of Will. The Kid did a great job. Give this movie a chance and I know you'll enjoy it.

  2.  Fantastic film!! Best movie I've seen in 2013


    Even though the story was pretty straight forward it does little to diminish what was an overall great blockbuster movie. The action and visuals were amazing. The cast did a solid job of carrying this movie. If you're looking for a complex action movie full of twists then you'll most likely not like this film. But if you're happy to sit and watch a straight forward story with some of the best action scenes, and visuals since transformers then this is the movie for you.

  3.  anything less then 5 stars is an insult


    This movie is an amazing action film with a great story. In regards to people comparing this to the first one to be honest I dont even remember the first one much or had any interest in buying it on dvd this however I couldnt wait to get it on blu-ray when I left the cinema. now that I have my fullhd t'v its onnn baby. this definitely out does the original

  4. NBA 2K10

    NBA 2K10


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     Basketball simulation at its very best!


    This game is amazing, the graphics, the game play, the controls! the new my player mode!! its a must buy for any basketball fan.

  5.  nba2k10 wipes the floor with this game!!!


    I've grown up playing nba live. and Im sorry but this franshise has hit its peak! nba 2k10 is miles better then this game in everyway possible. I have this game and my flat mate has live and compared to 2k10 this game is terrible. the graphics are subpar, the game play is arcade like. the demo funny enough wasnt bad but the fullgame is terrible. trust me on this if you want a real basketball simulation. nba 2k10 for the ps3 or xbox is better

  6. Tekken 6

    Tekken 6


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     Very dissapointing


    I use to love tekken 5 for the ps2, so when tekken 6 came out I was excited!! dont get me wrong the game is good. why not great? because they tried to hard to make this game focused around online play which usually isnt a bad thing, but the lag online is pretty bad. the arcade mode or story mode which is usually the focal point to any fighting game is just rediculous! in arcade mode you fight about 5 people then the boss. in story mode you even fight less people. leaving you with alot of great characters that you cant really practice with properly. the only way u get to really see what ur players got is online which like I said lags, ALOT! There is the ghost fighting mode where you can fight endlessly but you can only fight people up 2. 2nd dan. frankly I was sooo dissapointed I traded this game in for C.O.D! All in all its a good fighting game, with excellent fighters with a screwed up structure.