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  1.  Very enjoyable and IMO clear win over UFC game


    I thought this would be a load of rubbish if I am honest. It came out to little fanfare and was overshadowed ten fold by UFC. I have all the UFC games but have to say I enjoyed this a lot more. The controls are better and the career is much better than the UFC games. I had a genuine epic 15 minute fight on this with near tko's,submissions etc, reversals and near finishes. Well worth playing and for this price you really can't go wrong can you?

  2.  Edge of your seat awesome


    A real rollercoaster of a ride movie. Me and the wife was on the edge of our seat for most of this. It starts fast and never slows down. Brilliant.

  3.  Boring Boring Boring


    Well what can I say a few ppl had told me how good this was and that it had a big twist at the end! Well there was no twist because it was obvious what was going on and its just 2 hrs of utter boredom. Not for the sane amongst you.

  4.  Bring back Zombies and why can't I move and shoot!


    As a massive fan of the whole Resi Evil series from PS1 right through I was of course looking fwd to playing this. And lets not be 2 harsh I enjoyed it and its a good game. But not great.

    I don't like the partner thing, she just gets in the way, I HATE that you cannot move and shoot, you do get used to it but it would be so much better if you could.

    Graphics are super and the cutscenes are nice with a good story while not being 2 long.

    As I say buy it and play it cos it is good. But it could have been better and IMO is not as good as RES 4 on the PS2 so in thoery a bit of a letdown.

  5.  Very Very Good but not Dead Good


    Graphics are great, the atmosphere is great. Its not half as scary as some people are making out (wimps) and be sure to save your ammo as you will get stuck somewhere you have no chance of surviving with selling the guns you have built up the only option to buy more. My only other issue is how hard it is to get the nodes required to upgrade the weapons.
    Still all in all a great game but not on the level Res Evil 4 IMO.

  6.  Oldie but Well worth playing


    I know this game is older now but all that means is that you can pick it REALLY cheaply.

    I bought it for £3 and am well pleased I did. Possibly the most fun I've had on the PS3. A really long campaign, great weapons and just ace really.

  7.  Pretty Good..BUT WAAAAAAAY to Short


    Being a Star Wars fan I enjoyed the story and the game itself is fair to very good depending on what part of the game your at.
    Lots of Glitches. I completed it on Sith Warrior level in 7 hours which is a bit of a rip off at £40. Don't even bother trying it on the Apprentice level as I suspect it would be completed in 3 hours.

    Overall a enjoyable experience but nothing to get 2 excited about.

  8.  It's True it is better than the Xbox 360.


    I had an Xbox 360 virtually from release and loved it to death. However I took a punt and sold it and bought a PS3.
    In terms of value it is decieving as the Xbox looks the cheaper option but in reality it costs ALOT more to get what you get as standard with the PS3.

    With the PS3 you get a Blu Ray player built in
    You get a 40gb HD
    You get a Wireless conncection built in.
    Online is free
    Rechargable Controller standard
    You can browse the Internet through your tv

    All the above and more costs extra on the Xbox or is not an option and makes it far more money than a PS3.

    The graphics are noticebly better and with gr8 exclusives like MGS4 and Drakes Fortune its miles ahead IMO.

    I was a 360 Die hard....BUT give the PS3 a try...you will be pleased you did.

  9.  Superb....A Mist have


    Its only every now and again you get a a game that you just can't wait to get back to and play. This is one of those games.
    Gr8 Graphics and superb gameplay. The AI is good and the story entertaining.
    If only all games were as good as this. The best game I have for the PS3.

  10.  Excellent.. Can't wait for Resident Evil? Try this


    Really good game, that can't really be faulted.

    Very much like Res Evil 4 so if you enjoyed that you will love this, really good fun, excellent graphics.

    Ending is HARD.