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  1. De Blob

    De Blob

    Nintendo Wii

    8 New from  £5.43  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.72

     Colouring has never been so much fun!!!


    I bought this game cause of all the positive reviews it recieved and for £17.99 it's well worth it! You play as a blob, the newest member of a small society wanting to protect the citizens of Chroma city which has been taken over by inkies and drained of its colour. You get colour by smashing paintbots and you can mix colours as well. You go around levels, racking up points, painting buildings and completing missions. The graphics are very good especially the water effects but the best thing about the game is the music. You can choose from a list of different styles of music to play in each level from Blissful to Unstoppable. Also, each colour has it's own solo piece. So when you're red, a saxophone plays in the background along with the main music. Along with that ther's a multiplayer mode and it is clear from the main menu that a lot of effort has been put into the game. Nintendo should be scared...

  2.  Great fun..................if you have a powerful computer


    This game is great. Worth it over the standard version. There are loads of missions to do such as trying to land a plane on a moving bus or doing an emergency landing in a 737 with no working engines. Graphics are greatly improved over fs2004 and now you can see cars and boats. There are loads more aircraft than before as well including an Airbus A321. The only downside is that to get the most out of the graphics, you need a pretty powerful pc.

  3.  Totally worth the money


    Everything about this game is great. It makes fantastic use of the wiimote, the cel-shaded graphics are stunning and the puzzles are great. Sometimes they seem difficult, sometimes they are difficult but the solution is usually right under your nose. You play as zack and you can shake the wiimote to ring wiki like a bell to turn living things into items and vice-versa. You travel to several locations ranging from a volcano to an ice temple and a haunted castle, each has a different number of stages, you have to get to the treasure chest in each stage to move on. Sounds simple but trust me, it isn't!

  4.  Fantastic but a bit Old skool...


    This was the first zelda game I played. And i was a bit dissapointed at first. This game has average graphics and no voice acting whatsover. But i began tolove it after a while...Why??? Because it just goes on and on. This game is huge and completing temples and defeating bosses is immensly satisfying. Swinging the wiimote like a sword is responsive and works well. Along with that you can do fishing (which is a game in its own right), ride a horse, warp to places, ride raging rapids, fire projectiles, snowboard down a mountain and you can turn into wolf link too. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a hardcore sword fighting game. 10/10

  5.  The best fighting game of all time???


    This game is fantastic. Best fighting game ever. Over 35 characters, 40 arenas and loads of different modes, you'l be hooked for ages! Stunning graphics too :)