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  1.  killzone 2.5 ?


    too similar to its predecessor with a couple of new weapons.Short fun single player -why no co op ?? multiplayer now makes spawn killing the norm with not only cloaking but disguise as well? a bit like hardcore multiplayer on earlier cod games when you got team killed so that some kid could plant/defuse/steal your kill.nice metal tin though.

  2.  Problem solved


    I have turtle beach xbox 360 headset which doesn't work on ps3 so I simply use the sony wireless headset in the cradle for voice chat (though its not very often do you get inteligent voice chat on psn) with friends while playing killzone 3 while getting the sound benefit from the x21's . saves buying a decent headset for both consoles as bad company 2 and cod 4 are best enjoyed on the 360.this is an opinion only and should not detract from the positive solution provided by the sony bluetooth headset

  3.  Two stars for the apache mission alone.....


    Gave this game too many chances.single player 4 - 5 hours on hard (which is not by any means hard) multiplayer - snipers spawn killing you time after time.I dont like snipinq/camping so that was the end of multiplayer.Also tried it on psn and its slightly better online although the usual ps3 lag spoils the fun.Very disappointed and within 4 weeks of release they re set to con you for DLC !!! wait till its peanuts n enjoy the short single player.

  4.  its not the game its the platform


    I have finished this game to 100% on the xbox 360 and the dlc which is worth every penny.It is a co op experience and needs the kind of community that only xbox live has.I adore the ps3 and its unique titles however the online community is inferior and very few gamers actually talk.It is nothing like an RPG eg fallout -simply a fun shooter to play with friends and randoms who usually become friends.4 stars only because of the ps3 online limitations.rant over

  5.  Doesn't get any better than this.


    Xtra campaign level can be played twice for 2 good achievements.Maps bring Horde bang up to date with new content and favourites from the first game.Still loads of people playing this online and plenty newbs like me (lvl 27) lol.not mad about the multiplayer however you rank up playing horde which is even better with friends and randoms alike.

  6.  buy this bargain its massive !!


    Paid a lot more for this and worth it, co op mode lets average gamers complete story on harder difficulties if you get stuck (sweet) and still loads of people playin online .when I get sick of call of duty heartbeat sensor / commando jerks I love to play horde which is amazing ,ranks you up and yields achievements- that is if the other players dont leave before you reach your achievement which is my only criticism of this bargain.The DLC keeps it fresh and is not as expensive as other games .if you want to play horde to level 50 and more my gamer tag is xH I T M A N2.buy it!!!

  7.  Wow! this is class


    in my opinion the first game was nonsense-this is breathtaking.cant stop playing it,what a welcome change from modern warfare.its simple to follow,graphics and sound truly impressive.i dont normally play games like this but im totally blown away.

  8. WET


    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £46.16  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.79

     give it a chance and yes its a fun game


    the controls are easy to master and only repetitive if you dont want achievements.Mix the moves (I hate combos- these controls are not combos) upgrade the weapons and enjoy the game play.Re play is essential if you like your gamer points - if not wait for a price drop.Personally I love this game and will play it through again.there is one tricky part half way through , stick with it and you will get a massive sense of achievement ! and oh did I mention the achievements....much better value than ODST which really can be finished in a day.

  9.  OK so its not great ,but its easy !


    PS2 game on a next gen console however its priced accordingly.1000g will not come much easier and the sound is amazing.shoot flank shoot again trade it in and you are only a fiver down for 1000g.Bargain.

  10.  What a bargain


    My 8 year old daughter adores this game and it has become her favourite.exploration and interaction playing as a cute dog.Straightforward controls and clear objectives.Great fun at a great price.