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  1.  Who can argue, the best director of all time!


    Kubrick, the master of the camera, directed the best horror movie (The Shining), one of the best war movies ever (Full Metal Jacket) and the greatest sci-fi movie ever (2001: a space odyssey).

    This is one of his movies that is added to the list, brilliant, how the story digs deep inside Alex's life, then he gets what he needed, a little discipline and then gets what he actually deserves. This dvd is brilliant too. 5/5 all round.

  2.  mixed bag of films ever


    Batman -
    Great film, Jack Nicholson in his prime. 5/5.

    Batman Returns -
    Alright, well the best sequel. 4/5.

    Batman Forever,
    Bad, has it's moments tho. 3/5.

    Batman and Robin -
    Geroge Clooney the only redeeming quality. 2/5

  3.  Brilliant HD quality, Brilliant Movie.


    Excellent movie, i like the way they made rafiel and leonardo fight becuase i hoped that would always happen (I wanted rafiel to win). Stunning picture qualiy

    Movie 10/10
    Audio 10/10
    Picture 10/10

  4.  Amazing, but get the other edition


    Amazing movie, good quality blu-ray, but why pay for this edition when your everything the same in the tin edition which is cheaper, recommended but the tin edition.

  5.  The Two best horror movies ever made!


    The Shining
    This film is absoultely amazing and one of the cult horror classics and if you have not seen this film i recommend you see it immediately. 5/5 for acting and 5/5 for scares.

    The Exorcist
    Another fantastic film and if you want chills and scares then i recommend the directors cut with the backwards spider walk. 5/5 for acting, 5/5 for scares.

    Fantastic films well worth the price.

  6.  Finally, a zombie movie which is better than the originals!


    28 Days Later is a fantastic film because they aren't actually zombies they are rage infected humans so thats why they can run and the ones in dawn of the dead shouldn't. 4/5 for gore, 5/5 for story. Fantastic recommended for halloween

    28 Weeks Later is a fantastic sequel, because this one really makes me jump and make me cover my eyes on the scary parts. Fantastic recommended for halloween. 5/5 for gore, 5/5 for story.

    These are fantastic films and I have watched these 4 times, 3 times with me mates and once on me own and had to put it off on the subway bit in 28 Weeks Later. 4 times and I still get scared, brilliant buy.

  7.  Genius, Zombie at Complete Best


    Finally, someone who can expand and explain why Michael Myers is a killing machine. It's no where near as good as the original as the original made him more like the boogeyman but in this film it makes hime more human but it is an absolute brilliant film and deserves to be the best remake ever made.