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  1.  Michael Douglas in 1989's Black Rain


    Michael Douglas in my opinion is one of the best actors in movie history and I am going to say that Black Rain is one of his best.

    Michael Douglas plays a New City cop who has been given the task of escorting a Japanese convict back to his homeland. The convict then escapes and Nick (Douglas) wants to help the Japanese police to capture the convict e.g. Sato.

    The film is just amazing and I just love 80s movies and this is just a perfect classic of a movie starring Michael Douglas.

  2.  amazing event for the WWE in 2003


    I have to admit, that I really loved WWE Judgment Day 2003 from start to finish.

    I mean nearly every single match was exciting to see, especially the main event for the WWE championship between the Big Show, who had the opportunity of going against Brock Lesnar, in a stretcher match. Especially loved the finish, where Lesnar placed Big Show on a stretcher that was placed on a forklift, to where Lesnar drove the forklift over the yellow line to retain the WWE championship. 4/5

    Kevin Nash had a opportunity at Triple H's World Heavyweight Championship, where two former friends were out for a fight, which eventually ended up with the match ending in a disqualification. But Kevin Nash wasn't through with his opponent e.g. Triple H. Nash took Triple H to the RAW announcers table and placed him through it, with the Jackknife power bomb. 4/5

    There was funny segments involving Stone Cold and Eric Bischoff, where it was Stone Cold's first night as CO GM of RAW, with Eric Bischoff spending the night with Austin in his special headquarters. With Austin offering Bischoff beer, pizza, burgers and all sorts, it was really funny.

    Overall I have to admit that WWE Judgment Day 2003 is now one of my most favourite pay-per-views of the year 2003.

    I am also going to say also that the PPV contained an awesome tag team ladder match for the WWE Tag Team titles, where Eddie Guererro won the WWE Tag Team titles with partner Tajiri.

  3.  Chris Benoit wins the World Heavyweight Championship


    WrestleMania XX was taken back to where it all began 20 years ago e.g. Madison Square Garden in NYC.

    In most peoples memories, this event will be remembered for the crowning of a new World Heavyweight Champion, by the name of Chris Benoit. Chris Benoit lived the dream back in January, when he won the Royal Rumble match, to then headline WrestleMania by making Triple H tap out to the Crippler CrossFace to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. The ending to this match was emotional, with Eddie Guererro showing his happiness for Chris Benoit. The match itself was amazing with some great moments, including Benoit being double teamed by Shawn Michaels and Triple H, who placed Benoit through an announcers table. ***** main event.

    Other highlights of this great WrestleMania, has to be the match between The Rock and Mick Foley who faced off against Evolution members Ric Flair, Batista and Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton. The return of the Undertaker who had the task of getting revenge on his brother Kane. Eddie Guererro sucessfully defending and retaining his WWE Championship by defeating a well focused Kurt Angle.

    So overall this is a memorable WrestleMania, with the exception of the Goldberg and Lesnar match. which was a waste, with the fans feeling bored.

  4.  Sean Connery as James Bond 007 in Diamonds Are Forever


    Sean Connery is back as the secret agent James Bond in Ian Fleming's Diamonds Are Forever.

    Diamonds Are Forever is a really great James Bond film. It's a James Bond film that I never get bored of and every fan of Sean Connery's portrayal as James Bond will love this film.

    One of my favourite scenes from Diamonds Are Forever has to be the car chase scene in the busy streets of Las Vegas, where James Bond does a perfect stunt of driving a Ford Mustang on two wheels through a very tight alleyway.

    Sean Connery once again portrays the role of James Bond 007 very well :) as it was his return after missing out the previous Bond movie e.g. On Her Majestys Secret Service, which was a little bit of a disappointment.

  5.  My First Bond


    A View To A Kill was the very first James Bond movie I saw and it remains my number one favourite with Roger Moore as my favourite Bond.

    This Bond movie contains jam packed action where we have an entertaining pre ski sequence at the start, a trip up the Eiffel Tower, a chase involving a firetruck and the finale on the Golden Gate Bridge.

    Christoper Walken plays a good villian by the name of Max Zorin, Zorin also has the deadly May Day played by Grace Jones and we have the lovely Stacey Sutton played by Tanya Walker.

    Many people regard this as one of the worst Bond movies of all time, I tend to disagree as its perhaps one of the best Bond movies of all time in my opinion.

  6.  Dr No


    Dr No is perhaps one of my favourite James Bond Films where we see the birth of agent 007, played by Sean Connery.

    We have Sean Connery playing the secret agent 007 James Bond, Ursula Andress playing the lovely Honey Ryder and Joseph Wiseman as the villainous Dr No.

  7.  Great set of Bond Movies with my favourite Bond


    From Live and Let Die to A View to a Kill, Roger Moore gives us a great performance in each film as 007 James Bond. A View to a Kill is my number one favourite Bond with The Spy Who Loved Me, For Your Eyes Only as some of my other favourites. Roger Moore did take James Bond to new heights with some amazing gadjets, awesome cars and Moore working with some beautiful women and Moore worked with some deadly villians like Christopher Walken from a View to a Kill. A ***** boxset

  8.  absolutely brilliant


    An absolutely brilliant No Mercy with so many good matches like

    Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho in a ladder match for the WHC

    Jeff Hardy vs Triple H for the WWE Championship

    Big Show vs Undertaker

    Rey Mysterio vs Kane

  9.  WWF Vs WCW/ECW


    Lance Storm & Mike Awesome vs. Edge & Christian *****

    Great opener to the PPV and one of the best tag team matches of the year. As always Edge and Christian work well together as a team, but Lance Storm and Mike Awesome didn't perform bad at all, but Edge and Christian got the Invasion PPV off to a great start.

    Nick Patrick vs. Earl Hebner ****

    Great to see Mick Foley as special guest referee and this referee match was a lot of fun to watch as Earl Hebner had the chance to show the fans what he was made of when he defeated WCW referee Nick Patrick .

    APA vs. Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire ***

    Not as good as the opening tag match, but the APA didn't disappoint. I would say that this was an above average tag match that was well worth the watch.

    X-Pac vs. Billy Kidman ***

    Ok but I didn't seem to enjoy this match much but it was good to see two crusierweight's from different brands go at it.

    Raven vs. William Regal **

    Pretty good, this match had it's fair amount of good back and forth action, but was ruined with the interference of Tazz who helped his ECW buddy Raven to win this match.

    Six-Man Tag Team Match **
    Big Show, Billy Gunn & Albert vs. Shawn Stasiak, Hugh Morrus & Kanyon

    Not a very good match, but it did have it's fair amount of good moments where Big Show, Gunn and Albert started and finished the match by demolishing Stasiak, Morrus and Kanyon.

    Tazz vs. Tajiri ***

    Not a bad match considering it had Tazz going one on one with Tajiri. They did work well together and they both put on a good performance for the fans with Tajiri spraying his green mist into the face of Tazz for the victory.

    Hardcore Championship Match ****
    Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam

    This hardcore match was entertaining with WWF extremist Jeff Hardy pitted against ECW's Rob Van Dam. This match had a vast amount of great hardcore moments, which included the likes of a steel chair, ladder and the hardcore title.

    Tag Team Bra & Panties Match ***
    Torrie Wilson & Stacy Keibler vs. Trish Stratus & Lita

    It is always a pleasure to see these four beauties in the ring. These four divas are my favourites and I miss em all. It was great to see Mick Foley again as the special guest referee who had little much to do.

    10-Man Tag Team Match *****
    Dudley Boyz, Rhyno, Booker T & Diamond Dallas Page vs. Undertaker, Kane, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle & Stone Cold Steve Austin

    A great main event involving five WCW/ECW superstars pitted up against five WWF superstars. This match had lots of back and forth action from both teams who had their own fair amount of domination. The match itself ended up with an ultimate shock of Stone Cold turning heel once again by backstabbing team WWF.

  10.  WWF Backlash 2002


    Undisputed Championship: ****
    Triple H vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan

    A pretty decent enough main event between Hogan and Triple H. These two put on a good and eye catching main event with the conclusion of the number one contender screwing the Game and Hogan claiming the Undisputed Championship.

    Tag Team Championship: **
    Billy & Chuck vs. Al Snow & Maven

    An ok tag match involving the great Billy&Chuck who deserved to win this tag match, but Al Snow & Maven didn't back down and they made the tag match a little interesting.

    No. 1 Contender Match: ****
    Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Undertaker

    The amount of times i've seen Austin and Taker face each other, I have to say that this match was a decent enough effort. Austin and Taker always work well together and having Flair as the referee made the match so interesting,

    Intercontinental Championship: ***
    Rob Van Dam vs. Eddie Guerrero

    Pretty good match between Eddie and RVD, really fast paced and entertaining and was glad to see the late Eddie Guerrero win the IC title once again at a PPV.

    Edge vs. Kurt Angle *****

    Match of the night for me and Kurt Angle again puts on another best performance. Kurt Angle and Edge worked well together in this match and I loved the ending to this match.

    Jeff Hardy vs. Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman *

    Pretty poor match to be honest. Yes Brock Lesnar is the next best thing but you know that Jeff isn't going to beat this huge superstar.

    Women's Championship: ***
    Jazz vs. Trish Stratus

    Yeah, this divas match weren't2bad considering it was entertaining for once with two great divas battling it out for the Women's Championship.

    Bradshaw vs. Scott Hall **

    An ok match, nothing really special here and the match itself didn't excite me or keep me glued to the tv.

    Cruiserweight Championship: ****
    Billy Kidman vs. Tajiri with Torrie Wilson

    A very good opener to the PPV, Billy Kidman and Tajiri put one heck of a performance for the Cruiserweight Championship.