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  1.  Well Made


    Rockstar have made a well made and very interesting game with alot of interesting things, lots of minigames which keeps the game going, the story mode itself isnt as long as most rockstar games which is kinda of a disapointment.

    The story itself is well told which keeps the gamer intervested, the missions are pretty much the same but there still fun to do, go here, shot that and then go home. There are some other missions like racing and theirs quite a few learner missions.

    The Combat is fun and if someone who has played GTA VI will be able to pick it up easierly and also the players who havent like i said theirs a learning levels which gives the player a chance to learn the ropes.

    Muttiplayer is better then GTA matchmaking wise, but i thought that GTA party mode was more interesting to explore as it bigger but its still fun with friends racing to hideouts.

    The only bad points i thought of this game was that the horse riding does get alittle boring as it takes longer to get places, also when you do do the mission you have to have some boring talks which take about 5 minutes which does get boring after the first few, and the story mode was shorter then expected. Other then that a classic game.

  2.  Alright not great


    This game when it was first said it was going to be sent back in world war 2 i thought hmmm ok it should be ok lets see if they can pull it off. Overall i thought it wasnt that great, the campaign was very well done but i felt why no british i dont want it to be all british but come on at least say we were there at least. However the gameplay was alright on the campaign and i thought it was fun to do and play.

    The Nazi zombies was good for the first few weeks but it gets old because it gets boring and it takes a while to get into it. The online is where this game falls on its face, in my point of view. The guns are stupidly strong and what happened to recall ? this game didnt think they needed it well they were wrong. The sub machine gun that is the fastest firing gun on the game doesnt move when you shoot it im pretty sure that didnt happen in the war.

  3.  Good idea but not without problems


    I felt after playing the demo i thought i would buy this game for sure. Once i got the game i stated playing and i loved every minute of it. Until i was running around the buildings and then having to lose all my momentum by going into a evaluator and had to wait for ages.

    The combat is good and well designed but can get very fustrating at points, and then the checkpoints i found were alittle far apart from one another but thats how i felt about it and when your on the hardest mode it can get annoying.

    The game is a good idea for being a 1st person and it is well designed but some of the game play features i found were alittle annoying so overall i give this a 4 star rating.

  4.  £2.99 its a must buy!


    This was the first Adam Sandler film i ve ever seen and i have to say i was hooked in the first few minutes and i still watch it even now. This is worth more then £2.99 so i would buy it now before play.com get wind of the idea and charge you more. BUY BUY BUY all i have to say.

  5.  Good not perfect


    I loved the old game and the skate 2 was very good but there were alot of problems i found in this games. First was the walking, what the hell went on there. You cant walk that well you cant jump very high and its just very hard to control. The other problem i found was the camera it was stuck so far up your a** you cant see where a curb is and fall off.

    But there are very good features which was missed out from skate 1 and they were that you can make your own spot and online is improved theres more to do and if you cheat you dont get any exprence which makes the game better. Overall i think this game is good but not perfect.

  6.  Sexy


    I love the arcade version and i wasnt sure if capcom could make it 3D and good and when i started playing my mind was put to rest they have made it easy for new players with a good story line i think and how the game plays is very well done and worth the wait overall i think that the game is well made and well designed and its a thumbs up from me! :)

  7.  Buy Buy Buy


    This is one of the best games i have ever played. The amount of things you can do in this game will keep you stuck to your screen, and blowing off peoples head and turning there head into mush! one word for that AWESOME ! I have to admit its a hard game to get use to but its very very good when you master it

  8.  Kick A**


    Well what can i say. I ve always have loved GTA games and this is a game is a perfect example why. This is a awesome game theres lots to do and if your like me and get a little bored just go hotwire a car a run people over its Great !!! 5 stars worth every penny