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  1.  Not a Batman fan? Buy it anyway!


    Well, let me open this up with the these facts. I'm NOT a Batman fan, I (used to) think that he was the most irritating 'Super-hero' ever, never thought he was accounted as a Superhero because he didn't have powers, Hero maybe but not Super. I have the previous game, I haven't beaten it and I haven't played it for months, not that it isn't good it's just not great for me.

    EVERYTHING changed with this game. I brought the game on the 21st Oct (Release) and I beat it Wednesday 26th Oct, this is because it because addictive and I literally had to try beat it, I had it set on easy so I can challenge myself later on but nevertheless certain missions were hard to complete, challenging to say the least.

    This is one Batman game that you should definitely get, the story is amazing and definitely follows the previous game, Arkham Asylum which you should also play to get a feel for this game. The visuals of the game are just as good, if not greater, than the story, everything about it just so planned out, I absolutely loved each and every bit of the game, except one.

    Catwoman. Don't get me wrong, obviously it's a Batman game and it's not like they're going to make an individual game for certain characters (so I don't know what the review about it being a Batman game has to do with playing as other character or whatever), but I mainly brought the game for her. She's personally my favorite character, she has a good story line but literally 4 levels are hers, and that's not very many out of the how many levels you play as Batman, especially since you need a code to unlock Catwoman. I felt restricted by her movements when climbing walls and stuff, it wasn't as free as I've have liked which didn't give me the freedom I was expecting with her, I was expecting so much more. Hence why I gave it four stars (five if it was like this or if I only enjoyed Batman's area, just felt a little, not greatly, let down by this.)

    That is literally my only downfall to the game, not a lot of trouble with it just my personal opinion. However, that shouldn't stop you getting the game whether Catwoman, Robin or Batman is your favorite. The fighting is amazing also.

    I hope they put more into the next one, if they make one, and I hope more is put into Catwoman if she's included and playable!