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  1.  Classics


    The first 2 are 2 of the best films ever made. The third... not so much. Highly recommended.

  2.  Brilliant


    One of the funniest films of the year. Recommended to all.

  3.  Best deal ever


    5 of the best games you will ever play, for the price of less than half of most other games. Seriously, this is a steal. HL2 and its expansions make the halo's, Call of dutys, medal of honours all look like amature attempts. This is the real thing.

  4.  Amazing


    This is one of the best books I have ever read. The structure is unique and inspired. The story is excellent. There are individual threats but the overall plot is connected.

    The book covers 180 years of eisenhorns life as an imperial Inquisitor. He has the right to go anywhere he wants in the imperuim, do anything, and has the power to command anyone he wants. As long as in his opinion, he is fighting the threats of man, be it aliens, deamons or heritics.

    The book takes Eisenhorn all across the imperium, investigating cults worshiping chaos, tracking them down and fighting them. Tackling alien xenos at the far end of the galaxy. He really does go anywhere he wants, from ice worlds where the population lies dormant in stacis, to worlds full of mutant labours, rogue phsyker slave auctions, bars and brothels, hive cities and slums. The 40k universe is truly captured in all its scale.

    Eisenhorn's own personal journey is even more dramatic. He wants to understand his enemy to fight chaos, but how much can he truly know and master before you become the very vile thing that he hunts?

  5.  Murder, mystery, intrigue


    A great side story away from the main events of the heresy, proves to be one of the most exciting books in the series. Half detective novel, with some major twists and turns, the other side of the story is a team of assassins being recruited to kill Horus, while Eberus has his own dark plans. Brilliant.

  6.  Incredible


    This book takes a while to get going, but once it does its incredible. The battle for prospero is so well done it is one of the best battles in the series with many great characters fighting for their lives.

    Highly recommended.

  7.  Not what I expected but very good


    This book is on paper the partner to A thousand Sons, telling the story of the other half of the battle of prospero, however, very little of the battle is actually in the book.

    The book is all from the perspective of one man who is not a space wolf, so it shows the battles, the stories through his eyes. While this is still interesting, it is not as cool as being from the point of the space marines themselves.

    The battle of prospero only happens in the last 50 pages and it isn't done as well as A Thousand Sons. Also Russ is criminally underused. While it is a good book, its just not what it said on the tin.

  8.  Easily the best in a great series


    The horus heresy already is a great series with some outstanding books, this one is easily the best and better than prospero burns. After reading it I ordered Aaron Dembski-Bowden's other novels and they are all brilliant. A very promising author that I will defiantly be following.

  9.  Incredible


    One of the best books that Black Library offer, and one of the best books I have read in years. Ties in well if all you have only read the Horus Heresy.

  10.  Better than the last 2 but still poor


    The first film was ok but the second was terrible, luckily this one tries to improve on the strengths of the last films. However due to the nature of the source materiel never quite makes it into the 'good film category' it is clearly trying hard to do.

    The fact is that you could probably skip the first hour and 20 minutes of the film and just not miss a thing. This film just doesn't live up to what it should be but does well considering the source material.