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  1.  Miserable...but AWESOME!


    Loved it so much, I bought the book! Great characters, great plot and it looks great to boot.

  2.  Back to his best...


    It may not be as consistently good as The Marshall Mathers LP but this does have some of his best work.

    This is rap at it's best.

  3.  Not perfect...


    It arrived within 3 working days, so the delivery from play was good.
    It's smaller and lighter than I thought which is good but the cable that comes with it is also shorter than I thought...which is a bit naff.
    Another problem was that even though it doesn't need/have a power pack, I was unable to plug it in the front of my PC as it didn't get enough power, in the end I had to plug it in the back of my PC.

    Once I finally got it working, it started to install all it's software. It installs it's own dashboard, which isn't needed and just makes it more complicated to use. All I wanted was a plug and play External HDD to transfer and move data like you can with a pen stick.

    In the end it's still 465GB to play with and at this current price of 41.99, it's not bad!

  4.  A very worthy sequel...


    I actually thought the story and atmosphere were excellent and almost on par with the original. Just don't come into it thinking it will be superior to the first as at times it feels more like BioShock 1.5 rather than a fully blown sequel.
    The only reason I don't give this a full 5 stars is because I was a little disappointed with the online multiplayer.

    Otherwise a fantastic game and I for one can't wait for the 3rd game (Infinite).

  5.  FUNNY!


    Don't know what people are moaning at, if you love Family Guy and Star Wars, this is a MUST! Otherwise you may miss ALOT of the jokes.
    Also it's about 30 mins longer than a normal episode despite what the guy before me said.
    I found it funny throughout with a couple of BIG laughs.

  6.  "Hell was an ocean away"


    Although this aint as good as Band of Brothers, it's not far off plus this is deffo a better HD experience. BOB for the most part was very "grey" and so didn't look that beautiful on Blu-Ray. The Pacific on the other hand is all blue skies, blue oceans and green jungles which just looks FANTASTIC in HD.

    If you want an awesome HD experience and a fantastic WW II experience, than buy!

  7.  The best of the 3!


    I know alot of people will disagree with me, I thought this is the best X-Men film in the trilogy. But with more chracters such as Beast (who is great) and a fantastic Battle towards the end, this is everything the first two built up towards.

  8.  Surperior Sequel!


    With a better story, better special effects and better fight sequences this is a definite improvement of the first film!

  9.  One more good Marvel film!


    Although not as good as the two sequels (in my opinion) this is still good and does well to set them both up. One of the better film Marvel film franchises.

  10.  In surperior sequel


    The first one was quite spooky and scary...this is neither. Although not too bad to watch, just dont expect a film anything like the first one.