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  1.  Very Temperamental


    Like the guy having problems with his iPod Touch, i'm having major issues with my (old, but perfectly functional) 3rd gen iPod. Basically, it will only play if I un-dock it, press play, then put it back on the unit. It doesn't charge the iPod, the remote doesn't interact with the iPod, and when I try and change tracks the iPod crashes.

    There's a reason this is £18...

  2.  Addictive... if I could actually get near it.


    It's fair to say that my girlfriend is addicted to this game. Whenever I ask her about it she responds with something along the lines of "I'm on 23 A+s". Of all the 'brain' games, this has to be near the top of the pile, if not at the absolute summit.

    While it's debatable whether brain games have any affect at all, this certainly helps pass time.

  3.  Contrary to the other review, it's a decent game.


    Yes, the graphics aren't great, but you really can't expect them to be competing with the HD offerings on the 360 or PS3 can you?

    And also contrary to the other review, you can make all the changes you like to your team, just like every other version of PES.

    The World Tour is the main feature of the game, giving you your own team to travel the globe and face all nations that come your way.

    If I was to compare this to another game in the PES franchise it'd be ISS98 that appeared on the PS One. While you may moan that the graphics should be better than a 10 year old game, you must remember that ISS98 was produced for a large console, not a tiny handheld.

  4.  Good... Not Great.


    The game makes great use of the stylus and it makes for good gameplay, but there's no really depth to the offering. The range of moves isn't great and the various types of match feels a bit 'samey'.

  5.  Just What The DS Needed


    You can't have a handheld Nintendo console without a re-incarnation of the NES classic. Thankfully they have not tinkered with the format (or the soundtrack) and this game delivers a fast paced adventure that is worthy of carrying the Mario Bros name.

  6.  Enjoyable


    After reading 'Are You Dave Gorman' and 'Googlewhack Adventure' I had high hopes for this book. While it is a very enjoyable read it doesn't contain as many 'laugh out loud' moments as the first 2 books do, but this is possibly because his 3rd 'challenge' was undertaken at a more sedate pace. Gorman is very good at capturing the reader's imagination and you do find yourself picturing his bumbling antics with ease.

    £7.49 is a great price for a book that will take you on a journey.

  7.  In-Depth, Great gameplay


    As a cash poker player, I've never really been all that interested in playing on a console for 'pretend' money, but WSOP08 seeks to conquer that.

    The career mode lets you attack the WSOP circuit against an impressive amount of real life poker pros. The gameplay is designed in a way to keep you constantly involved, offering a wealth of stats and advice and clever interaction between the player and the console. It manages to keep your interest at all times, and allows you to 'fast forward' a hand that you are not involved in.

    For £15 you really can't complain, it's got more than enough to keep you entertained for hours.

  8.  Time to re-visit old Track & Field injuries


    If you've ever suffered at the button bashing mayhem of Track & Field then you'll most certainly want to play this game too.

    The controls are clever and uncomplicated, and each event comes with a tutorial. As games go, it's not a 'must have', but it's definately worth a few pounds of anyones money.

  9.  No, it doesn't compare to the real thing, but so what?


    You can't really go too far wrong with a scrabble game, you know exactly what you're going to get when you buy it - a word game which you play against varying difficulty opponents.

    For £12 you can't really complain, the gameplay is fast and slick so you don't find yourself bored whilst waiting for the computer to take its turn.

  10.  Genius. Stupid, Crazy Genius


    As a 24 year old male I fully expected not to like this game, but in all honestly it's impossible not to love it. The stories are so over the top and the dancing tips the camp scaled, but it all makes for quite simply the best game i've played on the DS so far.

    You find yourself grinning like a fool at the screen as you tap along to the music, and you wont even care!