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  1. Pure


    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £22.95  Free delivery

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     Excellent fun but not perfect


    Really really enjoying this game. At first I was wary but after a couple of races I was hooked for a while. It's great for going on and having a blast for half an hour to an hour, I did however find myself getting bored/annoyed after longer so needed to take a break from it, this is why it doesn't get 5 stars.
    The graphics are great, the soundtrack is even better though. At first making up your own bike is annoying but once you get a little further in you will get some satisfaction from making up the best bike possible.
    I would recommend this game especially at £30.

  2.  Very good racing game


    This is an excellent racing game but I can't give it 5 stars, not yet anyway as I still prefer Forsa 2. To begin with I wasn't keen as I found it too hard until I relised that you can rewind a few seconds of the race even without totalling your car, this made a huge difference as I thought it was too hard before even on easy.
    You do get the choice of a few cars from a few different types of racing but it would be nice if you could customise you cars a little. I also don't like the drift races much, they are easy to win but really frustrating at the same time. This however could just be a personal thing though.
    To sum up it is a good game but I would wait for the price to come down now, surely it's due to come down soon.

  3.  Really enjoying it


    I have had this game for quite some time now but I have not bothered to try it, been playing non stop COD4 online to bother with any other game. Anyway I decided I fancied a change so decided to try this over Tom Clancy's Las Vegas and Continuing with Mass Effect. Well I'm glad I did chose this because I have enjoyed it up until now.
    The story is very well put together, almost too good because I can't be bothered to listen to all the recordings to get the best out of the story. Still what you pick up without them is good enough for me. I am now on the last level so I don't know how it ends but from the way this game has been put together I know it will have a good ending whichever way it goes.
    The graphics are decent but not brilliant, maybe because it is an older game now. The gameplay is very good, sometimes a bit hard to to shoot, it's easier to shoot on the normal view rather than go into to aiming view. Some of the powers you collect are rubbish and after using them once you will never use again, on a whole though the powers are a good option as it adds a different dimension to the game.
    As soon as I get home I will be finishing this game and looking forward to the sequel that is due late next year. Bargain at £18.

  4.  Good fun but gets repetative


    I bought this game based on the reviews on here, don't totally agree with all of them. It is a good game but I found myself doing the same things over and over. Once I completed the story mode I was so sick of it I couldn't be bothered going through all the levels again with different characters to collect all the items.
    This game is ideal for kids but adults or more serious gamers will get bored.

  5.  Very very poor


    Well I watch Lost and really enjoy the TV show but I have to disagree with a lot of the others writing reviews saying if you like the show you'll like the game. If you never watched the show then you really would be struggling to play this at all as it's that bad, being able to relate to things is the only reason I stuck it out (well that and the easy gamer points).

    Some of the levels are so frustrating and to be honest just poorly thought out that you just want to throw the disc away. I feel the developers have been really lazy with this game, it is short as it is but that's with them stretching things out to the point that it's ridiculous.

    Personally I would say stay well clear unless you want 900+ gamer points in little over 3 hours.

  6.  Best racing game on 360


    Played this quite a lot in the past month and I am still enjoying it. The graphics are tremendous especially when viewing replays. It's also good that you can taylor the difficulty to your ability, thing is if you complete a race and find it too easy you aren't going to then do it again on a slightly harder setting just for the fun of it. Getting to the stage where the races are 6 laps or more though which I feel is a little annoying, personally I think 4 laps is enough unless you are doing endurance races. You don't often find yourself in a head to head battle in this game, your car is either way too good for the rest or not good enough to win the race. I've also had a few problems racing online, unsure if this is my connection or xbox live just wont let me on. Overall though it is a very good game, much better than PGR4 or Colin McRae Dirt. If you get hooked you will be playing it for a long long time.

  7.  Mind blowing


    What a game! Just can't stop playing it. Only got my 360 at Christmas and have bought loads of games including Mass Effect and PES08 but I've hardly touched them because I can't get enough of COD4. Started playing on recruit and to be honest it is a bit easy and did complete a little too quickly but it's just as good the second and third time round on a harder setting. Although I'm not the best at multiplayer I still find it entertaining and ensures this game has great lastability. If you haven't got this game yet buy it now, it really is that good.