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  1.  Finally!


    Fantastic controller, personally i prefer a black or white colour but as this is a sepcial edition silver will do lol. The D-pad has always been the downfall for the xbox 360 which is why, until now i have purchased all fighting games on the PS3. This new D-pad, although a bit more chunkier than its PS3 rival, is very fast and responsive. It also makes what used to be very hard (executing moves and precision movements) into a very do-able task. For me this controller with its new modifications betters the PS3 controller in almost every way. More durable, no buttons that stick into their sockets, and the same comfort as the previous controller means you are onto a winner here. The only thing the PS3 controller has over this is the six axis feature, which for me, is a bit of a fad. One thing i will mention, if you are a FPS head and don't really play fighting games, this is not essential as the Dpad is rarely used in these types of games. However, if you are a fighting fan you can finally enjoy a decent game of street fighter or Mortal Kombat! With the play and charge kit included this works out at the same price as the standard controller so if you need one this is a no brainer.
    Hope this helps.

  2.  Excellent co op experience


    Lets get straight to the point, this game needs to be played on extreme difficulty to be fully appreciated. Get a co op partner who knows his/her way around a shooter and your in for a treat. On extreme this games atmosphere increases ten fold as you have to pick your shots, and pick them bloody well. Communication is key here, youll constantly been giving your co op partner enemy locations, asking for and providing cover fire for each other is the only way to progress. Also on extreme kane and lynch is a very realistic game, two direct shots and your down, leavin your partner with a very dangerous sprint in order to revive you. The cover system is tried and tested andi love the way it can disintergrate if enemies pound it with enough fire. This gives you a feelin of uncertainty and always keeps u on your toes. I have deducted a star for a few reasons, one of these is that if u shoot a fire extinguisher, it explodes, and talkin a big bang which isn't the most realistic thing ive seen. and also u have to progress through fair chunk of the game before the good weapons become available. all in all i would highly recommend if u have a half decent partner to pkay it with

  3. Turok


    Xbox 360

    Available  used  from  £29.99

     a weekend should do it


    i bought this hoping for the magic of the first turok on n64, no cigar im afraid. It lacks the massive weapon selection from the earlier titles and the the campaign isn't the longest. It reminds me very much the of unreal series with its fast pace but has a titch more gore than unreal. However it is overall a very enjoyable game that keeps you busy for a weekend, it cost me a tenner and im happy with it. The best part being the dinosaur stabbing , very satisfying lol.

  4.  ok for £10


    lacking a bit in quality, ordered a size down from usual(S instead of M) and it was still quite long. You wont get many bench t-shirts for £10 so not that bad but i wont be lookin forward to when i can wear this top again i use it for loomin around my house.

  5.  2 great titles in 1


    the title says it all, 2 good old school games from my teenage years, plus rotting zombie heads. What more do you want?!

  6.  Good but...


    When i first started playing this game i had mixed feelings about it, the gameplay is good and the new controlls povide a new experiance. After my initial excitment however, i was dissapointed.
    The graphics are not good enough for the wii, they look like a psp and thats not an exageration (the character models can look good but the scenery is poor). The selection of characters is nice, each of them with their own unique set of moves and weapons and the multiplayer is a good touch as they could've got away with not having one(even though the graphics get even worse on multiplayer).
    Additionaly thier are a couple of nice fmv's in the game but most of the dialog is text and you have to read through what the characters are saying, this did not bother me at first, but my god can those people speak! i found myself repeatedly pressing A to skip what they were saying as i was loosing the will to live. Another thing is that their are lots of quests to do (around 40 i think maybe more) but they are played on 7 maps which means you go back to the same dull scenery with exactly the same level just a few more/harder ememies.

  7.  Its not that bad!


    I bought this for a fiver so even if it was absolute pants i wooldn't of really cared. But the thing is its actually half decent! The graphics look like a straight ps2 port which is starting to annoy me why cant they update the game a bit its just plain lazy! The executions are blurred but the effects are quite good and you can still walk around smashing people over the head with a sledge hammer so its not all bad lol. Just give it a go, even for £10 its worth it



    I bouight this game for about £15 and it was well worth it. The fighting has really been inovented with the wii controlls which are really addictive and satisfying when you see your character execute a move. You earn money through the story mode which you can spend on your create a character which is a nice touch as it keeps you playing. The graphics look like a straight ps2 port which to me seems a bit lazy, however the racing or 'motor kombat' although its no mario kart its a nice touch and will keep you occupied for half hour. Overall very pleased, fun on your own but better with a friend.

  9.  Baby GTA


    Just finished the story last night, and what a game. The story only takes up somthing like 67% of the whole game with so much more to do afterwards. The graphics look like they're a straight port from the ps2 which is a bit of a let down for me. It took me 17hours to complete so for a 10 note yea i'm pretty chuffed would recommend.

  10.  wheres the magic?


    In the past i'ver owned all of the previous smash bros games, i had the first one when i was about 8 and loved it. Then when melee came out on the Cube i was officially house bound, trying to unlock all the characters, trophies ect was the most time-consuming thing in my childhood! Then when i bought a wii i had to get brawl.
    However, after completing most of it (its extremaly hard to complete 100% it'll take you weeks of swearing and repeatedly clicking 'retry') i felt it was lacking somthing. It seems that with cramming all the new stages, characters and game modes (btw create a map is hopeless, i havnt created 1 map its so boring and the maps you create are pants) nintendo have left out the magic that was oh so present in the previous titles.
    Another point is that snake, makes the game seem really far fetched, i no its not a serious game but the other new characters (sonic, wolf, king dedede) fit in really well with the smash bros world, wereas snake stands out like a saw thumb.
    All in all a really solid and playable game which will keep you occupied for hours, but for me, a bit of a let down.