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  1.  Your last hope to getting this game


    Your a little boy who is looking to be the captain of a ship. You have a older brother who is captain and gets lost in outer space when warping through the space and time continuem. You try and find your brother whilst facing other dangers that you come across in your path. I havent completed the game but im addicted.

    The reason I bought this game was because the best RPG creators created it and i heard the battle system was different in a good way. So far i am enjoying the battle system and i have never got tired of it so leveling up is really enjoyable. The storyline is really easy to understand and come by, if you completely forget where to go next you can look up the synopsis.

    I am enjoying the dialogue of each of the characters. None of them are ennoying in anyway, instead they are incredibly funny. I have played alot of RPG games from the best to the worst and i think that this is up with the best. The first couple of hours can get a bit boring until you get into the action.

    Unlike some RPGs you can pick the difficulty from easy, normal, hard or extreme but you have to unlock hard and extreme by completing the game. Increasing your symbology (MAGIC) and skills hasnt been made easier. Every fight you do gets you individual xp and party xp this is what you use to level your skills.

    This is like the length of final fantasy IX on PS2 (15 hours or more on each disk). The graphics are not that bad but the cut scenes can take along time. There are side quests that you can do not just the storyline. Unlike some RPGs where you spend most of your time doing the minimum amount of battling you have to do where as its completely the opposite with star ocean. I spend as much time as i can whilst enjoying the experience.

    You wont be dissapointed with the amount of money you have to spend on this game. This is definately a game that can take alot of time to complete whilst waiting for all the other superb games announced on E3 to come out in November.

  2.  kingdoms of perfection


    This game has been linked brilliantly from the old kingdom of hearts. All of the new worlds you explore are amazing. How ever getting to this point in the story can seem to take a while. The first 3 hours of the game were boring but i forced myself to keep playing as i new there was good things yet to come and i was right.

    everything about this game was original and amazing. The graphics are good and sora gets a complete makeover. The graphics of each character has changed alot and so was the music. Some times in each world it gets confusing where to go and the boss battles are brilliant. Unlike the first game, you have to go through and complete each world and then you find yourself having to do it again in the storyline. The game builds up from a boring start to a superb finish and i enjoyed every moment of it.

    I thought that this game is easier than the first how ever. you can do it on easy, normal or hard instead of just either normal or hard. But since i didnt want it to be a challenge instead i just wanted to have a amazing time completing the game.

    graphics 9/10
    gameplay 10/10
    replayability 10/10

    For the price that it is now its definately worth getting. This is the best disney game ever made. It can get a bit too repetitive at some points

  3.  Want to save energy??


    Advantages of having this are that its really light, doesnt need any batteries and you can plug it in anywhere quick and simple.

    If your comparing this to the wireless controller i suggest you get the wired. You dont need to keep putting more and more batteries in especially if you play games all the time. The only bad thing that i can think of is your parents are likely to walk in and catch their legs on the cable. Other than that its better than wireless

    Wireless is incredibly heavy, You may have the privilege to walk anywhere in your house and it still works. But when it comes to gameplay holding a heavy controller is too much and you dont want something that can affect your gameplay.

    If you take the wireless around your friends house then you have to press the little button on the xbox and controller at the same time. This takes time, effort and wastes energy. Especially if you want to reduce your CO2 emissions, then you dont want to buy this one.

    So get the wired

  4.  Double Trouble


    What can i say. This game is everything that GTA could have been. playing with a friend on campaign is the best thing you can ever do. It doesnt focus on graphics as much as GTA did but it did more on gameplay and thats where GTA failed. The story line for each campaign is brilliant and easy to understand. The cut scenes dont get boring. Being able to switch between 3 campaigns took away the boredom and you can do other things like activities ( e.g races or cage fights) they give you benefits so you can run for longer or have infinite ammo for the pistol.

    Achievements wise are easy to get if you play co-operatively with a friend. If you play by yourself then the campaign can get a bit dull but playing with a friend can get you about 500g. Everything you do together never gets boring even trying to kill yourself on the activity insurance fraud never got boring.

    There are some glitches in the game that seem to happen to me and my friend often. Sometimes our screens would freeze or we would get a black screen and it wouldnt load so we end up doing the mission again.

    There are alot of good points that the creators have brought together. One of you can be on the other side of the map buying clothes and weapons which doesnt involve loading up a seperate screen and stopping your friend from doing anything and becoming very bored. Whilst the other can be doing a race and earning money. This game certainly can bring friends closer together. The radio stations have alot of good recognisable music and you dont get any of these chat shows that can be very dull and boring if repeatedly heared over and over again.

    There is a feature which allows you to buy homes and pimp them up. This is the same with cars. You can make your house look stunning in everyway with large over sized swimming pools. The safe house isnt one of those places you go to just to save and you then you dont visit again until your about to get off the xbox. You go there picking up money from your stash and changing guns and clothes. The attractiveness of the house just makes you go there more oftenly. You can also change what cars your gang has and what they look like. The online play is really good aswell.

    Game play 10/10
    Graphics 8/10
    Replayability 9/10
    I would recommend you getting this game only if you make sure that one of your friends is getting it or you have good internet connection.

  5.  Another artistically created gears of war


    Another good 3rd person shooter. I only really find myself buying it for the campaign as its very addictive. Unlike call of duty where online play can be easy to an extent. You have to be good at gears of war otherwise online play can get very frustrating.

    The bad points about gears of war are mainly that who ever the host is has an advantage. They also can turn on their LAG SWITCH so you end up running about with a chainsaw revving since shotgun bullets have a 2 second delay. Submission is a game mode where you have to capture a neutral person and take him back to your base and score. It has no time limit which means that the host can turn on their lag switch and get alot of kills on you, they wont even try and score. If you leave you even loose xp which gets very frustrating.

    Alot of the maps online are really good. They have introduced a voting system so you dont have to play the map you are given. The storyline is alot better than the first one and it is incredibly sad. If you are a fan then you should get it. If you are new to it, then you should get it for the campaign not for the online play.

    The graphics are good and so is the gameplay.

  6.  A good rpg game


    This game can seem like it goes off to a very slow start, but it does start getting better. The music i found was only good when it got to the bosses. The battle system wasnt boring, it was quiete fun and enjoyable. I eventually got to the disc 3 but by that point it was boring. There are no side quests or anything else you can do appart from the story missions. The storyline is quiete moving and sad at some places.

    You cant really get many achievement points from this game either and i thought it was a big waste of time. The characters are quiete funny to watch. You get to work out which of the characters are grown up and which are not. One of them starts getting on your nerves through out the game.

    It does take a long time to complete but is it worth it?. It is very unique in its own way. Alot of things about it are good, but because im not much of a RPG gamer i ended up moving towards better games that came out.

    I still gave it 4 stars because it is still a good RPG game with many things that are good about it. It isnt the perfect game but it is different and any RPG fan would enjoy it.

    The reason i stopped was because between disc 2 and 3 i struggled since i didnt really try and lvl my characters up. I rushed through the storyline which meant that i would need to do major lvling to get any further and i didnt want to waste any more time. The graphics are cartoony.

  7.  Another good halo game


    The storyline you could say was alot shorter than halo 2. The missions are still enjoyable and you can play 4 player online co-op. The achievements are easy and fun to get. There has been alot of DLC out for it recently so the game never gets boring.

    The online play is good. You get rankings for the ranked matches so you wont find yourself playing easy people. Dont install this onto your hard drive tho otherwise matchmaking can get slow. You can play with your friends and family online on the same console in social matches where you just earn xp instead.

    The graphics are really good and so is the gameplay. I thought there were alot of other games out there that had better online play. It just seemed to get a bit to repetetive. It can give you alot of hours gameplay and its worth it for the money. If your a big fan of the halo games then you should get it. You might be disappointed by the campaign how ever.

  8. Jumper


    Xbox 360

    3 New from  £6.77  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.02

     You should jump away from this game


    The game really only focusses on the storyline as it follows the movie perfectly. They didnt really focus on anything else. The graphics are poor and so is the gameplay. Jumping around isnt very fun to do either.

    The only thing thats about this game is that the achievements are easy to get. You can get 50g for just about anything. Within the first 20 mins i got bored and handed it back to the store.

    Everything about it is going back to the ps1. There is nothing special and the creators didnt really use the xbox360 to their advantage. I wouldnt get this game unless your an achievement hunter but otherwise you can find any game that is better than this.

  9.  Ever wanted to relive your life??


    The story is about a time traveller who has to travel back in time and stop any timesplitters from ever being created. You go to many different parts of the world trying to stop an evil man from destroying the earth.

    When i used to play this it was the best game ever. I only started playing it because my brother wanted me to play co-op with him on it and i never stopped. The storyline carries on from the the second timesplitters but not from the first one!.

    The storyline was so fun to play that i used to play it over and over again. The offline play is just as good. But the problem is that the AI are not really that intelligent. The best thing to do was the leagues which had different challenges you had to do within a time limit.

    Compared to games today the graphics are not as good. The gameplay is brilliant and the storyline is truly spectacular. Hopefully microsoft will make it back compatible so you can play it on the xbox 360. Try it now.

  10.  Ever wondered what life would be like with gangs everywhere?


    You are a super mutant army soldier that has to crackdown on all the gang members and make the world a safer place. I only played this quiete recently so the graphics i felt were too cartoony. through out the game you pick up little circles that enhances either your guns, driving skills, jumping or bomb skills.

    The campaign was very fun and addictive. Depending on what guns you have and how good your skills are, the game calculates the % on how likely you are to kill the certain boss you are close by. The lowest i got was 5% and i was told to kill someone thats easier. But its like doing the opposite to what your parents say. So after dieing 20 times i finally killed him. Proved the machine wrong!!

    There arnt that many glitches within the game and only one happened to me. A boss somehow teleported inside a boat so i couldnt kill him. Other than that this is worth getting. Its very fun and addictive to play. It has about 30 hours of gameplay and depending on whether you like it or not it can last longer. There is no online play other than helping someone else complete it.

    The achievements are fairly easy to get. Even tho its cartoony its definately worth the money.