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  1.  Absolutely stunning music.


    I'm aware of what a cliche is, but this is one of the best albums I've ever heard. Every track is worth listening to again and again, but the dizzyingly quality highlights are Canned Heat, Planet Home, Black Capricorn Day, Supersonic, Deeper Underground and the genius, vengeful King For A Day. Definitely worth a punt at under four quid.

  2.  Makes Move worth buying.


    I bought Move along with this game and I was blown away. The accuracy of the controller is astonishing! The perfect example of this is Table Tennis. Once you get past the Bronze Cup, (they make this easier in every sport so people can get used to them, which I think is great) the Move tracks which way you spin the ball, how hard and even your position - so you have to move forward for drop shots etc. Gladiator is brutally fun, Volley Ball is great for multiplayer and better with two controllers, Bocce is probably the worst of the bunch but still quite enjoyable, Disc Golf and Archery are really satisfying when played right. Overall, great game and can't be missed if you're a fan of the Move!

  3.  This is the future.


    Got earlier this week, and I have to say it delivers what it promises and then some. Every little movement you make is tracked, unlike with the Wii. Sports Champions is a great showcase game for this hardware, I definitely recommend buying SC with the move.

  4. Tekken 6

    Tekken 6


    2 New from  £18.05  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £11.99

     PS3 owners deserve better! 3 years of waiting for this?


    This is not your standard Tekken game. It's worse. To start off with, the graphics look as though this game was made for the PS2. Then there's the embarassing 'Scenario Campaign' mode which is the main feature of the game - it's alright, but theres no need to make everyone play through it for every character in order to get the trophies. And finally, there's the terrible online play - glitchy, lots of cheaterss and overall not very addictive. However, this game scores most of its points on the classic offline Tekken gameplay (brilliant with friends) and the interesting new characters. I say buy this game if you are a fan of Tekken, but don't if this will be your first Tekken game as it may well disappoint.

  5.  You'd think this wasn't capable on the PSP


    The graphics are amazing for PSP, the gameplay is classic Gran Turismo and there are over 800 cars to collect! It is even more fun with multiplayer. No, there is no career mode, but why should there be? I can wait for that in GT5.

  6.  Has flaws, but good game combine with nunchuck and motion+


    Okay, when people say that this has a tough learning curve, they mean it will not take hours, but DAYS. This game is hard to get the hang of - hitting the ball is fine, it's just timing when to hit the ball. The game works much better with the nunchuck plugged in so that you play the shots you want to, and not where the computer places you. Once you get the hang of it, this game can be really fun, but be ready for the frustrations of going up a difficulty level. Playing with friends and family can be fun, providing that they can get the hang of it. The main game is very short and the whole game has a lot of flaws such as the motion control needs to be reset mid-game, the voice acting is absolutely abysmal and the visuals can be very, very plain and ugly. Overall, however, it is worth the extra money for motion plus (without I would have given it 2 stars) and the game itself can be very entertaining and tiring. This game may cost you more than you bargained for in that you are likely to destroy pieces of furniture along your frustrating journey to become a Grand Slam champion but in the end you will feel it's worth it.