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  1. DiRT 3

    DiRT 3


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     Rally is back and its better than ever!


    After the heavy focus on American Motorsports in the previous game.. Dirt 3 keeps it real and brings back the spirit of Rally and keeps the Colin Mcrae ethos.. 'When in doubt.. flat out"

    You can tell Codemasters have made a concious effort to shift this game more aching to the original Dirt title.. from the music, the menu's to the large collection of Rally related events.

    The Dirt tour consists of four seasons... each containing a variety of race-types including Rally, Rally Cross, Trailblazer, Head2Head and the new event: Gymkhana. Landrush takes a back-seat this time however. There is a level up-system in the form of reputation. Every race you compete in gives you rep points and Racing company's will approach you depending on your reputation and offer you a chance to drive for them and gives you access to more cars. As you progress through the tour it becomes more challenging and several events give you the option to choose cars from different era's such as the 70's and 80's. There are lots of different cars but to be honest there is very little difference in performance and handling of the cars. Some however are more noticeable than others.

    Gymkhana really makes this game! Its Freestyle and creative which involves using your skills to drift, spin and circle around obstacles. Its great fun and it can be a real challenge to get the platinum medals. The idea is to string moves together to get the points racking up. This game mode has kept me hooked for hours so far. There is a free-play area for this game-type as well to practise and hone in on your skills - In addition there is a list of "missions" for you to keep yourself busy with such as "Spin around the digger twice" or "Drift under the trucks".

    The great thing about the dirt series.. anyone can play it. You can make it as hard or easy as you like. In Dirt 3 at the start of every race you can tweak a variety of car assists and A.I difficulty without sacrificing any rewards you get in the game. So you can make it hardcore.. no drive assists make the A.I brutal and fix to the cockpit view or you can whack all the assists on and casually play it for fun and enjoy the atmosphere and environments !

    The graphics are superb and the addition of whether effects is a great bonus. Rain and snow splash onto the game camera and adds extra dimensions to the locations and it can really effect your handling. The only gripe is some of the lesser known cars have poorer textures but really you don't notice it when your actually driving. The whole game is a visual treat!

    I've been unable to cover the multiplayer side of the game due to the PSN issues but I've heard good things about it. Capture the flag and the zombie tag modes look especially fun !

    A few downsides to this fantastic title is the loading screens between each race are a tad on the longside. In Dirt 2 during the loading screens it would display random stats of your driving career to keep you distracted but oddly Dirt 3 doesn't provide this. So the loading screens become more apparent. Also a number of in-game voices give you advice and keep you up to date with events but its a bit pointless and doesn't provide much to the game.

    Overall this is a fantastic addition to the Dirt series and keeps it real by bringing Rally into the spotlight once again. At the same time its innovative enough to mark its name with the addition of Gymkhana. While in previous titles it could become repetitive this game provides so much variety its hard to get bored with it!

  2.  Its good to be in Rapture again!


    At first i was a little worried that your a Big daddy this time round and wasnt sure how it would work out.

    But theyve managed to craft such a good storyline about bigdaddys and little sisters that everything is totally believable, this game progresses what Rapture is all about so much, so its definetely worth getting if your a fan of the first bioshock!

    Decisions you make in the game affect the outcome of events later on in the game, a bit like the first game but more in depth, i wont delve in too much as i do not want to spoil the game, but they are interesting choices to make morally...

    The graphics are great but i cant help but feel some of the textures have been tuned down in some places but i think its due to the fact theyres alot more going on the screen this time round and they didnt want any slowdown, it doesnt ruin the experience at all, its still top notch and it adds to the whole atmosphere!

    There is some really good area's/levels to explore and i was hooked and obsessed with searching every nook and cranny for bits of ammo, Audio diaries and tonics!

    As with the first the Splicer dialogue is chilling to hear and its just awesome to listen to their insane ramblings, it puts you on edge because you'll suddenly be jumped on from behind! The Audio diaries are excellent and i enjoyed listening to all of them, theres a few bits of dialogue with nods to the character you played in the first game too!

    The best thing i loved about the combat is the Drill you have! Its awesome, especially the charge/dash attack, you'll see splicers smashed right up into the air, or you can drill their faces off, its a bloody massacre! The combat overall is very good, but i still struggle to aim well with Bioshocks system, but the plasmids and weapons are all fun!

    I havent had much time with the multiplayer but it appears to be very good and timesplitters like. You have a level up system and you can unlock new weapons and plasmids! You can customize your character and theyres quite a few different multiplayer modes.

    Overall its a great atmospheric experience and great fun to play, if not alittle too similer to the first game, but thats not a bad thing.. it took me quite a long time to complete, i played it quite solid for over a week, it doesnt need to be any shorter or longer, its just right, the multiplayer will keep you going for ages...

    Now will you kindly buy this game.. ;)

  3.  Fantasic series, bad packaging


    Firstly ill speak about the actual blu-ray boxset:

    This has been put onto blu-ray extremely well, excellent picture and sound and the best thing about this is the extended episode of unfinished business in season 3.. And the few extended episodes in season 4.5 (or final season)

    I couldnt be more happy about it.

    One downside is the packaging is poor.. The tin is quite low quality apart from the indented cylon. And the actual blu-ray cases inside are as cheap as they come. Very brittle plastic in a tight fitted low quality thin cardboard sleeve which you can easily crease or tear. Its a shame as youd expect the best for this pricetag but luckily the contents of this boxset make it all worth it!

    Onto the series,

    This is the finest bit of television your ever going to see. The acting, grittyness, dark plot, direction and the production are all of the finest quality. I especially love the camera work used and the cgi especially from season 2 onwards is amazing quality. Its just all so emotionally gripping id reccomend this to even non-scifi fans. I even got my girlfriend into bsg and shes not a fan of anything science fiction!

  4.  Fantastic


    This is an awesome package. I sold my clunky 40gb PS3 and bought this package and it was worth it. The PS3 Slim looks really smart and sleak, its a great design... the pictures dont do it justice. It also comes in a special Uncharted 2 Box!

    Onto Uncharted 2.. this has to be the greatest game ive played. It surpasses the original completely. Its written as good as any blockbuster movie and the pacing is great! The character design looks very realistic.

    The combat is greatly improved, thats one gripe i had with the first one i found the controls and shooting a bit clunky but its very smooth this time around and mixed up a bit for more variety.

    Some of the enemy movements are a bit clunky but you can easily overlook that for just the sheer quality of the enviroments and writing!

    This is good value for money and id recommend it for first time PS3 buyers!