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  1.  Skyrim


    WOW, actually got this on the 10/11/11 due to early delivery. The game so far has been fantastic, the level of detail, to the new faces of characters, with far more indepth selection on your characters face. New layout of menu's, maps and skill pages are great, along with a far better 'Faviourite' selection which allows you hot key as many items as you want. Far more ways + combinations to key your enemies, as well as cool finishing moves. i understand this review it short, but it's only been a day into an otherwise epic game !

  2.  Amazing


    Get it. its just fantastic, anoyed that all my achievements went (after getting them all) because i had to make a new gamer profile, but its still just awesome

  3.  fantastic


    its old now, but great, and FAR scarier than the second, because your character feels more out of place, it'll make you jump in your seat or hide at times in fright, but its such a good game, the story line is great, the combat of using whatever you find as a weapon is great too, its a true horror that wonderful to play :)

  4.  Is it Really a true RPG ?


    First of all, the game is better second time around, like most games, the graphics are great and so are the indivual characters

    throughout the game (on your quest to save the galaxy) you'll experience unique dialogue on different planets and different NPC's

    the Main Quest is Fantastic, and i'd give that a 5/5 for its plot alone, however its the rest of the game that unfortunately lets it down. When using your 'Rover' (??) can't remember its exact name , but basically its the machine you us to explore planets at times. It's very difficult to drive easily and you'll often find yourself overshooting corners and turns at times, and this will frustrate you.

    The lack of other side quest (or the lack of quality in them) is anoying, which is why the title 'Is It Really a true PRG ?' whilst it can be counted as one, you'll find yourself disapointed in the game once the main story line is complete due to the fact there is little else to do.

    the Graphics and attention to detail is something Bioware always thrive in, and mass effect is no exception with some really nice efforts that have payed off with the care and consideration put into everyroom everywhere, nice touch boys (Y)

    however i found myself sometimes lost within the game an unable to understand what i was supposed to do now, (yes i understand the point of an RPG is to do what you want) a little guidance as to what i want to do next is always nice, and saves the anoyance of time wasting running around then same area for 20minutes

    Overall its a good game for its main quest, but the rest of the game lets it down (bar the attention to detail) Fortunately these problems have been solved in Mass Effect 2, which is fantastic, so if your reading this contemplating to get the this game before playing the second, then do so, its dirt cheap now, easy to complete, helps your character in the second (you can play with the same character from first to the second if you wish, giving you a head start) and it will quickly get you in the mood, and with the story line for the second game

  5.  Its okay


    just had to order my second copy, since my Xbox decided to destroy my last one -.-, Anyway..

    Dragon age is a marvellos game, that i found was better then second time i played through it, having got the grips of the game, its combat system is great, as are the tactics of your team (rather than in other games where they all just attack at once on same person, you can control what they do in each battle, its also nice to beable to change better your main character and other party members easily

    the choices you can make are huge, even in a simple conversation with another NPC, however the amound of bugs within the game can really frustrate you at times, for example the sound in a conversation may just disappear completely - very anoying. I've found that in one important scene towards the end of the game, the sound was always going during a meeting, thus meaning i couldnt hear what was said - affecting my choices later on in the game

    Overall, its not a bad game, you can do far worse, its an enjoy re-play able experience with different outcomes each time

    just the Bugs can spoil it at times


  6.  Back with a bang


    what can i say ? what a game !
    lots of fun dueing two weapons, especially when your plasmids are fully upgraded !!
    story line is very good, as the first,

    its so hard to include everything in this wonderful game,

    just buy it, you won't be disapointed ! :)

  7.  Brilliant - The best game i have ever played


    what can i say ? since i first bought this game (after orginally hating it after playing it for 5mins at my mates house) i totally fell in love with this game, so much so i had to buy another copy because i wore the first one out ! the amount of hours of gameplay is untrue,i must have clocked up over 1000 hours by now, having done every mission and more, the storyline is great, you being the hero of Tameriel saving everyone from the world of oblivion, the individual towns all have their own unique stylings and feelings towards other factions and characters, its like living in another world its that realistic, there is SO much to do other than the main quest which is great, this is a true RPG, you can honestly do pretty much anything you want, buy this game, you won't regret it, i can assure you friend =)

  8.  a fantastic deal,


    FANTASTIC OFFER ! if only this had been around before i bought them both separtley

    two very very good games here that will provide over 500 hours of game play between them, if your a serious gamer, take the serious offer

  9.  Good


    a good fun game, awesome combo's that will leave you begging for more, the streets are your playground alonging you to climb pretty much everything and anything !
    a must buy, good story, With A Twist !

  10.  was okay


    i liked it at first, but i had trouble getting into the feel of it, and i found moving around was very slow and boring though, however the different choice of weapons are cool im still not conviced, i found the last boss very difficult though still havent completed it anoyingly ¬¬