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  1.  Piece of junk


    the idea is sound however the way these people at sierra have gone about it leaves a lot to be desired really.

    1. great graphics especially from a great distance.
    2. good weapon choice.
    3. nice flash backs.
    4. it is well built.

    1. your way too weak and a few bullets can kill you if your careless or slightly offline or simply have no idea.
    2. not enough energy for timeshifting.
    3. some areas which require timeshift leave a bit of confusion as to how to go around it.
    4. the boss monster level sucks big time.
    5. your weapon aim is crude, it is vital to be able to kill your enemy before the enemy kills you and aim is important.

    in my opinion this game and its jewel case should be more useful and less frustrating as a door wedge to be honest.

  2.  brilliant limited game


    i love this game to bits its probably one of only a few games in existance i can play without any problem. it is very rare for microsoft to create such a gem of a game, but without a doubt its really good to spend hours messing around shooting out cargo pods on large frieght trains and tractoring in the loot and selling it off at a big price.

    it has a good storyline albeit very short, the story is about a transport pilot whos ship was destroyed on freeport 7 (FP7) by unknown attackers suspected to be order operatives only to find out the unknown attackers were not the order.

    the reason the limited word in the title is because, there is only so much you can do on this game, there are mods and such you can download but half of them really work well and the other half crash the game to the desktop.

    anyhow, it is a good game to play.. also to be aware.
    Microsoft shut down the freelancer server however their is another server online i suggest you check it out and follow the instructions if you wish to play online.

  3.  prepare to be stunned.. by a zat gun.


    Stargate SG1 Starts out with a bang from day 1, The first encounter between the Aliens called the Gua'uld and Humans of Earth started immediatly with conflict, an Alien only described as a Human wearing golden armour with glowing eyes commands several grey armoured aliens who are essentially human with a Gua'uld in their bellies. the aliens abduct a human female officer, the alien takes her through the gate after a failed attempt to recover her by poorly equipt and surprised soliders. Daniel jackson rejoins the team when the same alien and his soliders abduct jacksons wife and later on a fire fight ensues after SG1 are caught, but they all managed to escape by a defecting Gua'uld solider known as Teal'c who all escape. Teal'c Joins the team shortly after.

    shortly after the Stargate program is born and Over the corse of the year into the program, the Stargate project comes under fire from a Senator named Kinsey who tries to shut down the program, and hand it over to his low brow organization only known as the NID whos only intent is protecting earth by stealing, sabotarge and other ruthless methods that reach their goals.

    Later on the Humans of Earth discover a race known as the Asgard who become close allies when another race known as the Replicators attacks the asgard, however the asgard call on the humans to defeat the replicators by use of the "primitive weaponry" humans use. The Replicators are essentially aliens whos only intent is self replication as the this race is made of metal blocks from the ships these robots canniblize, the Replicators are usually in a sort of shape as a spider or a fly usually 4 to 6 legs each.

    Overall when Jack O'Niell is involved, he will always makes remarks to various different tv series, most notable are star wars, star trek, the simpsons and the wizard of oz along with some failed humor which he tries on his team. Overall the entire series is a lot of fun especially with O'Niell's humor, many explosions and the story arcs continue from the very 1st series all the way up and around season 8 to 10 in some cases and the CGI are superb for 1990's!.

    From season 9 though a new story arc begins and several characters are replaced, Jack O'Niell, George Hammond and Sam Carter have been replaced with Cameron Mitchell, Henry Landry and Vala Doran. from this point a new character building season begins along with the explaination of a race known as the Ori who are religous zealots bent on purifications. it still just as good with Mitchell onboard as the dry humor continues through season 9 and 10. at the end of season 10 an important race commits mass genocide.

    with the ark of truth we see the downfall of the ORI and in continuum the last baal clone gets captured after running amock in the past to create an alternate future on earth.

    A must buy for any sci-fi fan. i can not recommend this more highly

  4.  Ending of a brilliant short era


    Season 4 is filled with double header and even triple header episodes and with 2 parallel universe episodes which are even more higher on the entertainment factor.

    Season 4 starts off when the ever present Daniels pulls enterprise into earth's past to 1940 where the nazi's have taken a part of america and all of europe thanks to some time travelling aliens whos intent is to get home and dont care what means they do to archive it, enterprise must stop them and get shocked when they find Archer still alive.

    pulled back into the present archer must deal with his troubles of recent and to his old flame who is just promoted to captain of columbia.

    after that we find out more on the vulcans, their past and Administrator v'las and his ruthless nature which considered against typical vulcan behaviour is very unusual.

    we also see the formation of the United Federation of Planets, the death of an important character while saving shran and his daughter.

    A great series that was prematurely killed off. Shame about that.

  5.  Season 3 is a blinder


    Season 3 really picks up on the action far more then any trek series. Earth has been attacked by a race known as the Xindi and the crew are pulled off thier assignment in order to find out what happened and to respond to the threat. yet again in epiode 1 the klingons want archer dead and the Klingon Durus pays the price for underestimating the enterprise refit. throughout season 3 Trip start sleeping more after the death of his sister to the intial xindi attack on earth when T'pol helps by Phlox's recommendation, and how enterprise yet again finds trouble and almost destruction by making a mistake that alerted the Xindi. this season is about revenege for the inital attack, when the Xindi find out about the people who are really behind the attack, some defect to try stop thier large weapon, in the end the xindi have a civil war with enterprise caught in the middle and this time get help from Shran in 2 instances.

    Highly recommended to any trekkie looking for some real action. a warning: lots of violence and blood. please do not buy this if your squimish to blood scenes.

  6.  Another season to be amazed at.


    Season 2 picks up where season 1 left off, and boy this season does not dissapoint, full of action yet again.

    season 2 starts off ok and gradually builds up and we get to see how vulcans can have an active imagination when Trip asks T'Pol for an interesting story in the captains private dining hall.

    later on we get to see what implications come off the Destruction of J'Pem and the andorian connection and how the klingons want Captain Archer arrested or dead.

    Yet again another wacky adventure to brace yourself for. recommended to buy season 2 in order to find out how season 3 starts and what the costs are when this new alien race attacks earth.

  7.  Best trek season by far


    Season 1 of enterprise starts off with a bang like they all do, but this one is not based off your typical trek respect and consistency, but it's replaced with grudges, hard feelings, misplaced loyalty and a better character building season. what stands out is the use of more violence and a better foundation for in house jokes, which work out better then previous albeit more obvious.

    Season 1 starts off when a Klingon's ship crashed most conveinently in a corn field, (which also happens to be a joke in season 2) and is being hunted by 2 yellow skinned aliens with red clothes, later known as the Suliban who happen to be a major factor throughout season 1 and 2 but virtually none in 3 and less in season 4. the Suliban were killed by the Klingon's disruptor rifle when the building he shot at exploded. the Klingon was injured by a farmers rifle.

    We then meet Captain archer, Adimral forest, Ambassador Soval, T'Pol and the medical officer who joins the team when Archer was given 3 days to gather his team, Phlox. the tension between Archer and the Vulcans are apparent right away when Soval looses an argument to Archer and storms out of the room. later on archer brings a young woman, Hoshi Sato into the team when she wants to know more about the Klingon language. soon enough the rest of the team are all together and set off to take the Klingon back to his homeland, we also get a closer look at the Suliban and the excellent cgi effects.

    And thats just episode 1!, throughout the series the Enterprise crew meet up with the Andorians and a man named Shran who is also a major factor throughout the series and yet more of the Suliban.

    A must buy if you want action by the bucket full. i might also add, this is probably the only trek series where there is much much more action, cgi and other stuff then TNG, DS9, VOY or TOS.