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  1.  Fantastic! Eased the pain of RES Evil 5....


    I finished Res 5 on PS3 and had to be practically awoken by freezing cold water at the end, boring and a massive dissapointment.

    So I bought Code Veronica (previously played on Dreamcast) and it has reminded me of what RES Evil used to be like.

    Scary as hell, complex puzzles and dilemas, actually feel the need to conserve ammo, ace graphics and an interesting, surreal and quirky story line to match.

    When making RES Evil 6, consider your old hardcore fans nextime instead of pandering to the mainstream, shoot em up mob...

  2.  Disappointing RES 5


    I have been waiting nearly two years for this game to come out after playing Res 4 and Code Veronica previously. However I was dissapointed from the word go. I felt that the gameplay resembled a shoot em' up. I would have gone and bought Call of Duty instead.
    The previous games involved puzzles and problem solving in order to progress and more often than not, for me anyway it took some time to figure them out. It was not just about killing zombies and bosses which this game is clearly about.
    In Res 5 there isn't such a need to conserve ammo as in previous making the game easier. Theres handgun rounds and shotgun shell almost everywhere you look.
    Res 5 also lacks the haunting surreal aspect for example the old castles and mansions with something waiting to jump out at you but you couldn't predict when. You had to scour the whole place for clues, especially Code Veronica.
    I appreciate games evolve but I feel that it lacks any of the class of previous games. The graphics also don't help.
    At one point where you have to utilise sun light and mirrors to open a door, those who have played will know what I mean, I thought the game was improving but sadly not.
    New comers may enjoy it but sadly I didn't