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  1.  Incredible


    Since seeing the videos and teasers, it's been an excitement for me to play this game until release. When I played it, I became stuck into it for so many hours, and found out that I can play it extremely well. The graphics are absolutely fantastic and it runs on my PC fine. I recommend to everyone! This beats CoD by far.

  2.  Belkin always really fail to please me


    This is really the only negative comment i've had to give on a product on Play. It's not really heat-proof for a start, i actually saw some burn marks on it from how hot the fan was getting on the top of it and the sense it has on it is absolutely pointless. You're better off just buying a bar of chocolate with an inflammable cushion. Belkin products are a no-no for me.

  3.  Definitely an improvement to the last 2 albums


    This has the greatest new songs, like singles of CDs that I don't need to buy because they're on this CD! Amazing dance tracks and can't be any happier for dance at christmas! Great job Clubland.

  4.  Old is always best


    This is one of the oldest clubland albums and is most probably the best out of the lot. Absolutely amazing, full of trance bass and hard-trance. Great for the car and great for gaming with.

  5.  Brilliant Dancecore and Hands Up! on this album.


    This is very now music for all those hard dance lovers! Each song has its own style of Dancecore and Hands Up! which I very much enjoy. Nice job!

  6.  Beats L4D for sure!


    More zombie shooting?! Who can't love that. With extra weapons and more quality killing. Still a very basic game though so it can't get my full 5 stars I'm afraid.

  7.  I want to go to that library!


    Black books, being the best in my books, is a winning 5 star for me. It is absolutely hilarious and Dylan Moran never lets you down on his sketched comedy. It has the most silliest comedy and most hilarious storyline. I can't get over the fact that he worked in a burger bar just to get out of the rain! Best episode ever and this has got the be the cheapest and best collection of DVDs I've ever bought. Watchable again and again!

  8.  Amazing Family Game!


    An extremely fun game for all the family, lots of accurate hard levels and easy levels for the kids to join in! It's such a laugh with 4 players and brings back lots of memories as PS2 games are old. Just played it today with all my family for hours! Would recommend for all partyers!

  9.  Valve released an amazing game!


    It is amazing and probably the best zombie game out there. But it can easily get boring just shooting zombies. The game modes are great and make it more fun but this is a great new change for valve!

  10.  Extremely Awesome!!! Gotta agree with godofwarfare too.


    It's an amazing album, and I've been a fan of it ever since Clubland 1 came out, The huge genre change has given me even more bouncy bass and enjoyment to listen to while gaming and ever since I was a kid. The mash-ups are very well put together and it's extremely fun to just go mad to! But for godofwarfare's review, I totally agree. The high pitch voices are extremely annoying and they can't let kids who like auto-tuned or high-pitched singers buy their albums! Other than that it's brilliant.