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  1.  nothing new....


    In my opinion the origional black ops was one of the best COD games made.
    Black ops 2 however, shares none of these game winning features...

    - it HAD the best size maps (large!) made the game far more interesting and skill full.
    The new maps are ALL small close range just like MW3, means its just a matter of who has the quickest reactions for the longest periods. gets real boring real fast..

    Kill streaks, black ops had the perfect levels of power which was obtainable by everyone and was effective enough to be worth reaching while still being easy enough to destroy by the enemy, chopper gunner for example, (with dogs being the mack daddy!)
    New killstreaks are all either barely reachable by even decent players due to the tiny close quarter maps, or just a waste of time and real gimmicky

    Black Ops 2 is simply another Modern Warfare Game, nothing has changes bar some new wepons and some more rubbish maps,
    it has no relation to the origional black ops bar the single player story.

    If u have never Played COD before go buy it, ul love it!
    If you have played any of the modern warfare games before... get ready for 45pounds of nothing new besides a poor attempt at streching out the franchise to make more money.. definite let down.

  2.  dissapointed


    Ive always LOVED COD!
    however i have to say I am definatly dissapointed
    the Elite service seams a complete waste of money, im gutted i brought the hardened version

    However the biggest let down is the maps!!!!!
    they are all RUBBISH!!
    far to small and enclosed, gone are the days of things such as ternimal and afgan which were truly awesome, even black ops had better maps..

    i can only hope that they release some much bigger and more open ones with the map packs!! or bring back the best of MW2 at least in a map pack

    oh and yes they still have quick scoping.. how that can be justified as realism is a joke

  3.  BEST BOX SET I OWN !!! by faaaaaaaar!


    ive never written a review on here before..
    but i will just for Jonathan Creek!
    everytime i sit down to watch a new episode i get excited! only problem is im almost at the end! : ( buy this boxset!!!!

  4.  WEAK!


    Seriously.. Dont believe the hype.. Ive always loved burnout and this is just poor.. Its a bad version of ' need for speeds' free roam style. Played it for an hour berfore i just put it down and never went back..
    Far better games out there!