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  1.  top quality drama series


    I decided to review this title as the only other one was being very unfair giving it a 3 rating just because John Thaws character has a northern accent.!
    This series is excellent in all aspects both in the cases presented to the law courts in each episode, and the characters developed as the series progresses, the interaction of personal professional and the everyday hustle and bustle of a law practice in a major city are superbly portrayed by quality acting and razor sharp scripts, anyone who liked rumploe of the bailey or this life ,for example will love this.

  2.  promethius /before alien all men were idiots?


    Its difficult to admit that Ridleys made STINKER HERE, but sadly that is the case.I must qualify this statement by saying that if you were expecting a film on the level of say transformers or x men then you wont be disapointed, but bearing in mind the gravitas and quality of the storyline and script in alien and indeed aliens, this is simply unintelligent and at times just plain stupid, the characters are awful with inexplicable actions and terrible dialogue.The plot is full of holes and things that just dont make sense which a masters of the universe cartoon would be ashamed of, it does look great but thats it otherwise it is pathetic, it is hard to believe Ridley has allowed his excellent production values to be married with such an inadequate storyline and script, i hear there is another blade runner film in the making i am dreading it if this is all Scott can come up with.

  3.  great series but dont buy this release


    You must be bonkers if you buy this release of the prisoner on dvd, there have been two far superior releases of this brilliant series since this one, the ultimate collectors box set and the restored enhanced 40th anniversary box set are both better cheaper and still fairly easy to obtain, this version is out of production and apart from being a silly price due to rarity it is just not up to the standard of the other two particularly the 40th anniversary release.
    This is an add on to the original review above, when i originally wrote the review for this release of the prisoner, this box set was being offered at over ninety pounds as a rarity by fair trade sellers as it was out of production, the current price just over fifteen pounds is more reasonable, however this release is taken as a straight transfer from the original recordings with no restoration, the later releases ARE of superior sound and picture quality having been rigorously and lovingly worked on to get the best possible result, there are web sites showing before and after pics to illustrate the point.

  4.  an album to die for


    Lana has been heavily criticised for her live vocal performances, this has somewhat overshadowed the fact that she writes great songs and produces memorable music, the vocals on this album are brilliant, her voice is instantly recognisable and individual,perhaps she had to do 20 takes of each song to get a perfect sound?,i really dont care, the result is an intoxicating and addictive blend of musical styles that has undeniably been created by a genuine talent.I am 48 years old and pretty much write off the majority of todays music for the throwaway plastic pop that it is,but lana has produced intelligent writing with excellent tunes, there is not a bad track on the whole collection, a joy to hear .

  5.  exactly what it says it is


    I am perplexed by the people who are complaining that this box set has not got the extended versions of the films, it never claimed to have , it is simply the theatrical releases on blu ray at an excellent price.The blu ray transfer is brilliant and is a clear improvement on my dvd copies of the films, personally thats all i wanted or expected from this release, the films are easily long enough for me without additonal footage to mull over,and each film does have a companion disk with extras , so i do think this is good value .

  6. Blade Runner

    Blade Runner

    The New American Orchestra - CD

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     blade runner the new american orchestra


    Ok, im nuts about blade runner so i pretty much try to get hold of anything connected to the film, i thought a full blown orchestral rendition of the brilliant van gellis soundtrack might be worth a listen, it WAS worth listening so i could put my mind at rest that i am not missing anything.First of all i made the mistake of thinking that the word orchestra implied a serious collection of musicians and instruments, such as one might find at a west end musical or even a military marching band or at least a sound to match the salvation army ! the so called orchestra sounds like a tinny five piece playing at a northern club at closing time, they have rendered every part of the soundtrack so sophorific, so uninspiring that i doubt it would qualify for elevator background jingles, only get this if you just have to own it because of its tenuous blade runner heritage other wise forget it as i shall try to.

  7.  more than a medical drama


    Personally i have never liked casualty or holby city or any of the soap opera type medical dramas, this however is a different species to those more populist programmes and goes way beyond the usual human interest stories that abound in the genre.Bodies follows the high pressure events in a pediatric hospital not just dealing with births and the compications involved, but also in the life or death power that surgeons can have, and the politics and career descisions which end up coming into play on the operating table, the gritty harshness is offset by excellent story lines in the surgeons and stafffs personal lives, the tension in both spheres is tangible and at times this drama is as gripping as any thriller.couldnt watch thisfast enough and got through series one and two in no time at all, brilliant.

  8.  outland! its high noon in outer space!


    As i say in my title, outland is essentially a western in space, connery plays a law enforcement officer in a mining outpost,there is something sinister going on, he finds out too much and some professional hit men are on their way to kill him, the tension and foreboding build up as no one wants to help connerys character and time is running out, this really is an excellent sci fi thriller i would recommend to all.

  9.  the good the bad and the ......


    The elephant man is a great film beautifully filmed, and superbly constructed, a triumph. Mulholland Drive is the worst of Lynch, self indulgent impossible to make sense of pretentious and frustrating, there are those who say this is a work of genius, but there are whole web sites dedicated to trying to explain what the film is about and how to make sense out of the terrible disjointed narrative, you have to watch it at least 3 times to understand the genius of the movie apparently, i dont think that should be necessary if the film is truly that good! inland empire is another self indulgent effort but is at least easier to follow than Mulholland drive,

  10.  when the boat comes in


    Just finished watching the entire series, the quality throughout of both the writing and acting is superb, the story af a coal town neighbourhood in the north with Jack ford played by James Bolam as the pivotal character is drama at its best,the supporting characters are no less well played by actors who all came from the north, the feel of the series is all the better for it, and these characters are often the main focus of episodes, so the story is not all centred around Ford in every episode, this was so good i watched it two and sometimes three episodes at a time worth every penny and then some .