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  1.  Terrible.. Boring.. Waste of money..


    Really bad. Multiplayer is buggy and slow and some of the things promised to you on release when you purchase the game didn't work correctly or are still not out to this date.. Gets very boring and repetitive. I had friends who bought it aswell so its not like i didnt have other people to play with. Steer clear of this game.

  2.  Bored..


    Have loved the Halo series and was really looking forward to this game.. Played it for around a month and got seriously bored.. Completed the campaign on Legendary and played the multiplayer.. but its seriously overated.


  3.  Fantastic Buy


    Save atleast 15 pounds simple! Budget, yet brilliant cable. The gold casing is also a plus as they shall not break.

  4.  Favourite owned T-Shirt


    Went on a play.com clothing spree and this blue crosshatch t-shirt soared its way to number one in my draw. The the black/grey shading is popped out slightly and it fits like a glove. Lovely design, great quality t shirt. Absoloute bargain!

  5.  Not bad


    Well obviously the cd's and delivery was the usual. But i imagined there to be better "unheard" songs on the album. I originally bought it because of the big hits and in hope there would be some better singles on there.. I was wrong. Not a bad cd though, still listen to it occasionally.

  6.  Fantastic buy for a mates 18th!


    I bought this for my mates 18th birthday as a jokey pressie. The great thing was it came hours before the party and he was forced to wear it seeming it was a beach theme party! Epic laughs.

  7.  Good buy


    If you are relativly new to arm exercise or dont really work your forearm. Then these are the handgrips for you. Slightly weaker than expected but are a great start off point. And for two of them its a great price! :)

  8.  Good basketball game.


    Well for starters this price is well under the normal RRP: £39.99. I bought this because im a huge Lakers fan and play alot of basketball for my college team. The different modes and things that this game has to offer is alot. However, the controls are very difficult to get used to.. They have basically been lazy when creating the controls on the pc for they have disguised the regular xbox 360 controls with B1, B2, B3. So these B buttons are set to buttons on the keyboard.. When going through the tutorial you would have to learn all of the "B" buttons to get a grip with the game. If you are not a big basketball fan and are buying this on pc, prepare for some revision, for you will have to get to know and understand the plays first.

  9.  Great film


    I watched this film when i was younger and had a image of deja vu.. for some reason it reminded me of this film. So i came on play.com to look at the price and at the price of £3.99 it had to be bought! Great film.

  10.  Stunning!


    Fantastic action, gripping scenes. 100% worth the asking price of £6.99.

    When i first heard about this film i was really excited and im happy to say that when it came in the post i watched it straight away and was not dissappointed! Quality film, quality price.