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    If you watched the film of trainspotting and liked it then you will love the book. If you watched the film and were shocked by some of the heavy drug use and violence meted out by characters such as begbie then your gonna be even more shocked by the violence drug use and more that this book has to offer. A lot of characters and parts of the storyline of the book aren't in the film and that's a pity as its gritty gripping sometimes laugh out loud and sometimes cringe with shock stuff leaves you not wanting to put this book down. Other reviewers have said that the way it's wrote (in a strong scottish dialect) makes it hard to understand it but I didn't find this at all and after the first half a chapter was able to follow and understand it perfectly. This is modern masterpiece in my eyes. A definite 5/5

  2.  Gritty but great


    One of my favorite novels. Well written,at times this book will leave you thinking just how well off you are when at times you had felt sorry for yourself. And totally agree with the other reveiwer about the chapters in between the story giving social commentary being years ahead of its time. This is a book i didnt want to put down once i started it and one that ill most certainly read again.

  3.  Perfection personified....


    An amazing box set from an amazing and totally ahead of its time record label. If your serious about the history of music then you need to own this. The label that never made any money but in tony wilsons own words that didnt matter,because they were never in it to make money,just to make music that actually mattered... And boy does the music on these four disk matter.
    From the more heard about bands like joy division, new order and the happy mondays to the totally obscure bands like section 25,Crispy ambulance and stockholm monsters this is pure genuis from start to finish. This should be in everyones collection as a guide to what music and record labels should be like. 5/5

  4.  Complete genuis


    This is a book that almost impossible to put down once you start reading it. You feel pity in parts for the monster and pity in other parts for the tourtured victor frankenstein,which i suppose proves the saying true that there is a little bit of good and also a little bit of bad in every one of us. I highly recommend this and have no problem in giving it a 5/5. An absoulute classic

  5.  Detailed account and intresting read


    A good insight into the conflict in northern ireland from the perspective of the british soldiers who served on the ground and in their own words. To fully understand the northern ireland conflict its important to study it from the perspective of all the participants,republican,loyalist and security forces. This alone makes this a very important book for anyone with an intrest in the ulster troubles



    This is about the fullest and most in depth biography on che guevara you are likely to find
    It will tell you everything you need to know about the man,the myth,and the legendary status he acheived,which remains to this day,after his death by C.I.A backed mercenaries in bolivia
    It starts right from his birth and his earliest years growing up and his days as a traveller through latin america and the events he was to witness that would shape his future politics,ideals and his life.
    It tells of his extrodinary battle against asthma while fighting in the mountains of cuba and along with fidel castro leading a successful revolution and overthrowing a government,his conquest in the congo,where he went on to fight after the success of the cuban revolution and his fatefull expidition to bolivia where he has captured and killed.
    As i said befour its as about as full an account of his life as you are likely to find and has been well written and isnt a hard read for anyone who has an intrest in the subject. 5/5



    This is the first book ive read about the khmer rouge and cambodia and i have to say i found it facsinating,altough harrowing along with it
    Its been pretty well written (considering the author is a photographer and not a writer) and is an easy enough read and in parts it will leave you squinting your eyes in disgust at how cruel man can be to his fellow man,but also leave you asking yourself the question that ,considering the majority of the people who took part in the genocide were brainwashed from as early an age as 10 or 11 and knew no better,can they really be held to account for it. Very intresting stuff



    This is the first account written about the 1980/1981 hunger strikes inside the maze prison and is a good starting point for anyone wanting to study the subject in depth.
    Since david beresford wrote the book in the 1980s there has been several bits of new evidence that has come to light and accusations made by men against each other who where once former comrades and this alone makes the hunger strikesof 1981 one of the most fascinating,as well as one of the most dark and turbulent times in recent irish history.
    This book only scrapes the surface of the hunger strikes since these recent allegations and counter allegations have been made by men who were actively involved in the strike against certain members of there outside leadership and the republican leadership within the prison
    An easy read and well written acccount that will leave you wanting to read into and study this explosive subject more closely,and with the amount of new material now available for reading on the subject you wont have to look far to do this. 5/5

  9.  Best morrison bio ive read to date


    For anyone who is intrested in the life of jim morrison and the music of the doors and wants to read about it then you need look no further than this account by Stephen Davis.
    He recounts the turbulent life of a true but tortured genuis brilliantly and that of the other band members and people who were around the whole scene.
    From his childhood years through to his days as a student at UCLA and the chance meeting with ray manzerick on venice beach that resulted in them forming the doors,the story of morrison is a brilliant but sometimes harrowing read and his final months in paris befour his death are a particularly good insight into one of the greatest rock stars of the 20th century. Hard to but down onve you start to read this. 5/5

  10.  No plot to this one at all


    When you first start to read this you become aware very quickly that there is no plot to it at all but yet you still find yourself wanting to read on. It is a pretty intresting read and if your a teenager with a chip on your shoulder you will find it an extremley intresting read! not bad 4/5