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  1.  Keep listening, this is a grower worth playing over and over


    On first listening I thought it was a good album but that Adam Lambert had not quite found his 'sound'. However, having now played it many many times, I think it is exactly what it should be and really showcases the talent we all thought should have won American Idol. Its glam, fun, raunchy, and provides more than enough opportunities for fans to belt out the tracks while driving (as long as you turn up the volume loud enough to drown yourself out). I love nearly all the tracks, and believe a new niche has been created by a star in waiting. Looking forward to the next album!

  2.  quite simply sensational


    For those of us eagerly awaiting the third album there is nothing that needs be said about David Ford. For those of you who have not yet discovered him - get on with it and find out just what a great singer, songwriter, poet he is. I have seen him play live three times this year and about 7 in total and can't recommend that experience highly enough. The CDs are simply a great reminder of the songs until you can get to the next gig....

  3.  so over the top its fabulous!


    just finished my first listening to the album and have to say it is glorious - it couldn't be more over the top, overdramatic, overwrought and glorious! You can imagine the band playing this for the first time to the record company and the suits just sitting in stunned silence and then saying: "seriously, guys??????"

    love it!

  4.  brings a smile!


    I found this cd by following a 'friends' trail on the myspace site of my favourite singer, David Ford, and haven't regretted buying it. Its hard to categorise except to say its theatrical, and somehow cheering, kind of folky, but catchy too. Great to listen to in the car and I imagine (but haven't yet tried) that it would make excellent summer beach-or-garden-with-wine -and-food-music. Will definitely be trying to catch them live as soon as I can!

  5.  great new addition to my music collection


    I bought this album having heard the title track on an advert trail and based on the one review it has so far, and I haven't been disappointed. Its not easy to describe but if I say that my favourite mainstream bands are Radiohead, Placebo, Muse, Elbow and I like Arcade Fire and Duke Special, with my favourite solo artist being David Ford that may help you to decide that you might like this band too. They have some lovely haunting tracks which are brilliant in-car-sing-a-longs, have some nice gypsyish guitar instrumentals, and all in all are my current favourites. Perhaps a bit meloncholy in theme but as you can from my current choices thats the type of music I listen to more than any other. I recommend giving Devotchka a try