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  1.  Assassin's Creed II


    Who thought that the original assassin's creed could be improved. Absolutely outstanding. Controls are much easier, less frustrating and the story line is getting insane. Perfect end f this game for another. Blatantly going to be a third. This is the best game ever in terms of gameplay.

  2.  Batman: Arkham Asylum


    I hate this game. It has eaten away hours of my life because it is too bloody good. The graphics are amazing, and the way they kept all the villains from the comice rather than just the films i loved. Always surprised as to what is going to happen next. The controls are simple so that makes it more fun. Some of the challenges and bits you have to work out are rather easy but either way this game is a top game.

  3.  Resident Evil 5


    Too similar to RE4, even the Wii edition. Each chapter require the same skills and basically do the same thing but hav different booses. Overall is a good game, e.g graphics storyline and gameplay. But RE cant do bosses. The end levels bosses suck. Too long and need to shoot them in the same place each time. Quite short aswell. I'm 12 hours into RE4 and bout half way through. RE 5 i finished in 10 hours within 3 days. Very short, bosses suck, they are the only faults to this game.

  4.  Lego Indiana Jones


    My favorite Lego game by far. Very easy so you always feel as if you have achieved something. But a couple of parts very frustrating and make you hate the game for a bit. But the awesomeness later on makes up for that. Plenty of stuff to do around the actual levels. Overall well recommended for any gamer. (easy achievements)

  5.  Soul Calibur IV


    One of mine and my friends favorite multiplayer games. Great fun local multiplayer. Graphics are beyond awesome, and controls are easy. Throwing moves are a bit too easy to activate. Never can tell who is going to win but is a fair bit of skill required. Story mode as mentioned in other reviews is way too short. Very easy. Overall great graphics. Great gameplay. Just plain great.

  6.  The Force Unleashed


    Agree with the other review, short bursts of fun. Not perfect all the way through. The levels are very fun and you experience new things you wouldnt see in the star wars films. The cutscenes are top quality, very entertaining, amazing story. But overall game is a bit too short. What's even more annoying is that one or two levels drag on a bit. So although short the levels are long. So maybe could have been made longer by splitting the levels a bit better, as some levels only take 5 to 10 minutes. Graphics arent the best but are decent and easily pass. A game deserving 4 and a half stars as is very entertaining game with an excellent new jedi temple map pack add-on which i very much recomend.

  7.  Kung Fu Panda


    I payed £9 for this game, and i think that was about right if ot too cheap. Great little game, very short, left wanting more which is i suppose what you want from a game. i am also in my teens and still loved it. went from the story a little and added a bit much. I think Jack Black is the only original voice from the film left in it. Although the game being very short because you get achievements for doing on a harder difficulty you want to do it again and again, which is a very good thing. A perfect game that is easy to get the hang of and isnt too frustrating.

  8.  Call Of Duty 3


    For me, the first three game difficulties are a tad too easy. But veteran difficulty is way too hard. Graphics are great for an early game. controls are easy to get the hang of. I love being able to choose the easiest route to attack, mostly set for you but not always. Again too easy for my liking, without any trouble i managed to get the close quarter combatant achievement (complete an entire mission without firing a round), far too easy. Veteran difficulty is insane though never going to get to finish it ont that level. acting voices are decent, in places arent loud enough and background sounds and guns are heard more than actors voices so keep having to check objectives in the menu. Overall a great game and a great price.

  9.  Burnout Paradise


    the new way of accessing events is ok sometimes, depends wot mood your in. Very cool steering, controls are the same and still easy. The map idea was decent in some respects. great game, excelllent fun. Crashes look more realistic but drag on a bit and almost mock you. Online is really easy to access and is fun. rather too many wins needed to get your burnout and elite licenses.

  10.  Assassin's Creed


    Probably my favorite game for xbox 360, if not in top 3. Third time of completion. Still very entertaining. Very complicated story not just assassinating people, still dont fully understand. Can be a repetetive game but not too repetetive that it gets too boring. Overall amazing game, great graphics (sea looks horrible though) gameplay awesome, controls good, overall well worth any amounts of money.