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  1.  decent case for the price


    this is the lowest priced case i could find for my new phone however it is actually good quality.while i don't think it is leather it is nicely made and has a magnetised catch to stop it flipping down and a soft inner to help stop scratching. for the couple of quid i spent on it i am not dissapointed it does the job and looks alright what more would you need.

  2.  amazing game with undeniable technical flaws


    to start with this could have been awesome and i still genuinely love this game from the light rpg elements too the way the weapons feel and the cool different ammo you can use.also the driving doesnt feel tedious its really fun which is an achievement for id as i find driving in fps's usually sucks big time time so kudos for that.but the screen tearing is really bad with my amd card(6870) im not particualarly techy but even im noticing it so it must be bad but too say it's a bad console port just isnt true id clearly put a hell of a lot of love into this game just a shame they couldnt properly iron out all the issues with it story so far seem's good doesnt force you too be the all powerfull hero as most games do but instead your just another small pawn in the big bad wasteland lol.anyway great game and if they patch out the more obvious issues it's got it would be a game i'd fully reccomend as it is i wouldnt which is shame.

  3.  truly amazing


    well tobias has done it again created a masterpeice without equal gathering some of the best power metal giant's together too create two amazing album's each song delivering perfectly very impressed and the deluxe box set is very good too.

  4.  good game


    now that i've had a good test of darksider's i feel it's a bassically good fun game the graphic's arnt that great however the art style is unique so that makes up for it a bit the bosses are all good fun too fight some a little difficult but rewarding too beat .it pay's homage too a lot of game's on your way through the most blaringly obvious being zelda through the dungeon's and puzzle design and god of war through your combat, and there two amazing game's too but i feel darksider's has done enough too be it's own game so i say if you like zelda or god of war maybe give it a go it's a decent game.

  5.  totally insane but load's of fun


    bayonetta is off it's rocker none of it make's any sense it just fire's action after action at you and you have too hope to hell your brain can keep up and mash your controller fast enough to pummel the various angel enemies and other nasties you'll faces head's in.the graphic's are shiny and polished on the 360 if your a bit flash and have both ps3 and xbox go for the xbox version as the ps3 version doesnt look quite as good noticeably a little washed out over the 360 version shouldnt spoil the fun though if you've only got a ps3 if you like the devil may cry series and i did you'll really dig bayonetta.

  6.  very good


    for a tenner it's the mutt's nice design good quality as with most animal stuff good sizing very comfortable would reccomend along with other animal stuff i've never been dissapointed with anything i've had from them.

  7. Endgame


    Megadeth - CD

    27 New from  £4.08  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.86



    megadeth on top form again i can truly say this album can hold it's head up high with peace sell's and the even better album rust in peace and i've been a fan for many year's it's solo a go go aswell dave and the lad's have really given their fan's a brilliant cd massively impressed long live megadeth.

  8.  megadeth rule and so do their shirt's


    what can i say if your a fan of the deth you've probably bought it already but i'll just say that it's a good print the album cover look's great on the shirt the only thing i will say is the sizes are big i ordered a large and probably could have made do with a medium but it's not far off so i'm happy.

  9.  great coat if a little thin for winter


    it look's great and the size is spot on for me it's not very thick but that's not really a problem since i wear jumper's underneath i have yet to try it out in the rain yet but i don't think it would withstand a downpour but for going out to the pub or cinema in you can't lose.

  10.  best hoodie i've seen


    this has to be one of the best hoodies you can get it's thick really comfortable too wear look's great and it's a bargain being quiksilver the quality is superb as usual i'm really happy with it.