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  1.  A unique, engaging fairy tale


    This book is a wonderful, original fairytale which is written with great humour and such vivid characters. It is the tale of a boy who goes to find a star that he saw fall from the sky...but he finds a lot more than he was looking for. I felt consumed with this story from the moment I began reading it. I saw the film first and I like the film and the book in equal measure but they are very different. There is a depth and a darkness in the book that the movie does not supply. This is because the story was made more suitable for children in the movie and most of the dark elements were removed. This book is quite simply a treasure that I would recommend to anybody. Gaiman's writing style is enthralling and will make you feel wholeheartedly engaged with the story of the boy who went to catch a fallen star.

  2.  DIVINE


    Listen to this album on a sunny day when you are relaxing and you will truly appreciate the calming, beautiful harmonies. This isn't for chart music loving pop fans but if you like folk sounding music that will make you smile and haunting melodies that make your hairs stand on end then I would definitely recommend this album. Their sound reminds me of Simon and Garfunkel. I can't give the album 5 stars because although most of the songs are very good there are a couple of tracks that I skip past.

  3. Angles


    Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip - CD

    Available  used  from  £5.76

     Thought provoking and funny


    Scroobius Pip is a lyrical genius of spoken word and this, teamed with Dan le Sac's musical skill, has resulted in a brilliant album full of thought provoking themes. Scroobius Pip isn't afraid to say exactly what he thinks and he does it in such a way that he leaves you dumbfounded. It's a great album which breaks the mould and stands out as a very original sounding against all the repetitive noise of the mainstream.

  4.  beautiful music, simply heart wrenching


    I only discovered this band a week ago but this album is already one of my favourites. The story behind it is that the lead singer was suffering the effects of his previous band breaking up, splitting up with his girlfriend and illness and he wrote the music whilst he recovered in his Father's cabin in the north woods of Wisconsin. You can feel this vein of emotions running through every song; the lyrics are passionate and his voice is haunting. It is just a pleasure to listen to. The best tracks, in my opinion, are 'skinny love', 'flume' and 'for Emma'

  5.  Great album


    This is, on the whole, a very good album. It's fun to listen to, the songs are catchy and I think her sound is quite unique. The best tracks are, in my opinion, 'Just Dance' 'Love Game' 'Poker face' 'Beautiful, Dirty, Rich' and 'The Fame'. Most of the other tracks are just as easy on the ears too and I think it's a great debut album.

  6.  Memories


    I hadn't watched this film in years and after talking about 'tear jerking' films I was reminded of this movie. I decided to buy it to refresh my memory and I am so glad I did. It is one of the most heart warming films I have ever seen; the story line is enjoyable to watch, the characters are loveable and the humour is sweet and would appeal to adults and children alike. I think everyone should watch this film and I think there are few people who could watch the whole movie without shedding a single tear!