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  1.  The TV series was only the beginning!!!


    I got my copy of this game the other day and theres only one word to sum it up.....AMAZING! I have been playing it on and off over the past couple of days and i have enjoyed every part so far. Im going to be honest, the graphics aren't brilliant and are no way near in the same league as games like God of War 3 and Final Fantasy 13. Most games in the past which have come from TV series have been disasters for example, Lost. That game was unbelievably boring and made me want to shoot myself lol but prison break is nothing like that. I have seen every single episode of prison break and i thought it was superb and this game alowed me to compare the game to the programmes and to let me reinact the whole of the first series (the best series). I advise prison break lovers, like myself to purchase this game as you wont regret it, and for the price it is, you cant go wrong! oh one last thing, this game also has two player which allows you to take the role of any character in the programme and fight a friend. They really have thought of everything! I love this game and i hope this review helps :)

  2.  Love this game soooo much!


    Got this game the other day and havnt been able to stop playing it!!!! It isnt as serious as the films but it brings some humour into the game. This is a must buy .... Come on, you can't go wrong for this price!!!!!



    I first heard about play tv quite a while when i was reading the official playstation magazine. Then about a month a go the trailor came on the playstation store, and it showed you how easy it was to set up, and it was! This is probably one of the best gadgets i have ever purchased as it does everything you want it to do. Play tv and sky+ i think are now in battle!!! It is amazing how a tiny black box can change your normal tv into satellite just by plugging in a couple of wires. I was also suprised with how may chanels play tv gives you.
    Play tv is awsome!!! I truly recomend this to all you tv lovers out there! I hope this helped....