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  1.  perfect!


    when i got this album i wasnt expecting it to be so freaking amazing! but it was :D i love every song on it, there is not a 'skip' song! i just know this band is going to be big, the music and Andy Six's voice combined is just MAGICAL!!!

    to the reviewer below me, Andy Six is the lead singer and he is the guitarist too. Jake is the guitarist too!

  2.  fangtastic


    as soon as i saw them i had to get them being a massive vamp-diaries fan. they are a little difficult to start with. but when you fit them in theu are fine. i love scaring the kids with them (i am 15!) they snap down which is great :) twilighters they are fab even if edward dont have them. Twi-hard approved :D

  3.  twilight rocks


    i got this right away and loved it, as it is just another twilight book and i am in love with twilight. it was great seeing it from bree's side, coz i didnt like her in eclipse. but she is an amazing character this should be a side film! WAY TOO SHORT that is the only problem it is tiny finished it too quick

  4.  i love it, just gets better


    TVD is the best tv show on tv, the cast is absolutely amazing. ive just wtched the finale (it was BRILLIANT and such a cliffhanger) you have to buy this, you wont regret it i love damon :)

  5.  love it, its really good


    i got into it straight away unlike some books which take a chapter or 2. but i really got into it quickly i loved the book itts so interesting im startin book2 soon. i kind of want tobe a blue blood.

    READ IF U LOVE: the twilight saga, the morganville vampires, house of night. or other vampire books

  6.  WOW WITCHES i love it


    i got this coz it was only a fiver when id seen it 4 more earlier, ill admit i left it there for a few weeks coz i was way into my other books but when i didnt hve anymore i started it and it has you gripped str8 away and then when she moves to the road it gets so very interestin id recommend it to any1 hu love vampires, witches btw this is bout witches!

  7.  started friday afternoon 2pm finished sat 4:30pm


    omg i loved this book gonna start chosen soon! cant wait 2 find out what happens next

  8.  omg i love him


    oh my, i honesty can not wait to get it i love kellan/emmett so much hes much better thn rob/edward

  9.  i took a chance best one i ever did! love it


    The thought of vamps and werewolves to me werent very appealing, i was in a shop and i got a book and it said buy 1 get one half price and then one day i was bored and started readin couldnt put it down it really messed up my sleepin habits i'd stay up all night reading it, if i could i would wipe my mind of twilight saga and read it again and get the same thrill i did first time love it!!