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  1.  Save your money


    I was very disapointed with this game! for a game thats meant to be all about the sea the graphics are very pixelated and unsatisfactory. the detail on some of the targets are poor at best and the explosion are worse, i would save my money and not buy this but buy a tennis ball plenty more hours of fun

  2.  very good game


    well at first i was unsure about this game but once you get into the game i realised how in depth and well thought out it was, I had no idea what i was getting myself into the detail is amazing they have thought of everything at first i was wondering why my tank was not moving until i realised it had no track and had to be repaired, you really have to think about what your doing in this game and my advice is to save everything as soon as you tell your men to do something save, when there done save it again it really does help as missions are very long. but once you get into it you wont be able to put it down

  3.  Not happy with the game


    SAVE YOUR MONEY, this game should have been delayed for another 2 years minimum, the game is about being a sniper as in lying on the ground waiting for that perfect shot being silent and deadly but as soon as you pull the trigger everyone in the area knows where you are very unrealistic. there are also a large amount of glitches in this game and it gets annoying trying to walk up a hill or into a building. and the map on multiplayer is a massive let down why be a sniper if your position is given away on the map.