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  1.  Do NOT believe the moaners!


    I can't believe the negative reviews appearing about MoH. Here are my thoughts.
    PC is a Q9550@3.6Ghz with GTX275 - All settings on max at 1920x1200.
    SINGLE-PLAYER: I've been a PC gamer for appx 10 years and seen a lot of FPS shooters in my time. MoH is right up there with the best of them. The action is a lot like CoD which was a lot like the original MoH so that's a mute point. The graphics are excellent and the sound is also superb. Weapons feel the right weight and impact on bodies as you'd expect, that is to say if you shotgun a guy's head it will blow apart (try it in CoD!). I think the infinite ammo is a daft idea but I've seen it done in many other games. The knife is excellent and feels like you are really stabbing someone instead of just waving a knife with a wound animation playing if you hit.
    Team AI is good and they keep pace and it works well enough (not always but more often than not). Grenades will clear rooms!
    The scenary and atmosphere is superb, a nice change from corridors and enclosed battlefields.
    MULTIPLAYER: Very much like BF2 (done by same devs) and I've had hours of laughs on there.
    Overall I strongly recommend MoH. Not 5-star as there are a few niggles but it really is superb.

  2.  Long and Boring


    There is just no pace to the film. One scene after another with little storyline. Some reviewers have mentioned tension but for me it didn't work.
    Wanted the film to be really good as I like this genre but it didn't happen. Would not recommend. Not rotten however there are many better films like this out there.

  3.  Excellent Transfer - A1 Blu-Ray - Double Dip from DVD!


    The film, everyone knows, is awesome - go read the umpteen reviews of the DVD for more info.
    Here I just want to make clear that this is a superb Blu-Ray transfer. Picture is almost 'documentary' in the very beginning (panning shots of Highlands) and the detail in the costumes is superb. You will likely notice things that you missed on the DVD or at the cinema, for example heads of victims in the barn early in the film.
    Soundwise it's a tip-top effort with the James Horner score sounding better than ever.
    I haven't watched the new extras yet but happy to see a new package on Blu-Ray and not just a great transfer.
    In summary, this version is exactly what everyone expected the recent Gladiator Blu-Ray to be - a showcase title.
    Highly Recommend. JONW

  4.  Getting dusty on shelf!


    My system is AMD 6000+ with 4Gb RAM and GTX275 GPU on a 24" Dell at 1920x1200.
    I am a massive Rome and Medieval fan but Empire is just so medicore. The install is a chore. The loading times on the map are unacceptable and the battles themselves are certainly not worth the wait! Land warfare is a case of sending everything you have at a unit until they run (cover makes for almost no difference as it takes ages to hit anything even when stood in front of each other!). Naval battles are a complete waste of time - looks good on screenshots but is very poor in practice). Diplomacy seems to be worth pursuing but takes so long a turn I couldn't comment on the long term outcomes.
    Overall I'm really dissapointed. CA sort it out. I can't imagine a WW2 (if that's were the series goes) as CoH does combat so much better than the tripe that I've just played.
    I played this for about a week solid and really wanted it to grow on me, in the end I found the pain too much - Back to Rome then. LOL