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  1.  Fantastic


    This is probably the best Android phone out there. Everything is smooth and responsive with minimal lag. As ive also owned the Galaxy S2 here is the comparison.

    Better signal. Much much better camera quality!!!. Faster smoother interface. Faster bootup time. Better screen quality. Much faster processor. Slightly faster browsing. More stable internet. Applications hardly complain of connection loss.

    The screen does not go very bright. Less ram than S2 by nearly 100mb. Uses more ram when idle (S2 only 400mb, S3 600mb). When ram is dedicated to an application and you go back to the home screen, it does take a few seconds for homescreen icons to appear. Battery life is pretty much the same.

    Overall if your willing to spare a few pounds I would upgrade to this phone. Or consider the second best, HTC one X.

  2.  Fantastic Laptop


    Ive had this laptop for a little over 3 years now. I know this review is a little late but better late than never! It has served me flawlessly! Never had any problems with it at all. I have dropped it a few times, I lived in a rucksack for more than a year and was constantly carried about everywhere and it still shows no physical damage. Software wise it is perfect, fully compatible with all peripherals (i.e. routers, external HDD, wireless devices, usb's etc).

    The performance is sufficient for everyday tasks such as browsing the web, editing documents, watching movies, listening to music etc. But here are the drawbacks. The graphics card isnt really powerful so dont expect to play games at maximum settings, at lowest setting it will just about run Metro 2033 at 20fps if your lucky. It will also struggle to play back FullHD 1080p movies which will lagg in frame rates. Movie editing isnt its strong point either. After 3 years the battery life has considerably lowered to just under an hour if you look after it.

    Overall I am greatly satisfied with this purchase. It has served me well and gave an incentive to buy another Sony laptop which has just arrived and I must say I have high hopes for it! So if you want a good solid laptop that will last you years with performing basic day to day tasks then this is your best choice!

  3.  Great Shirt


    Great t-shirt. Very funny logo. The print is on the small side but its clear to read on the blue background. The print is solid. Having the shirt for over a month now with multiple washes i must say its holding on pretty well. The neck hole is pretty tight so if you have a fat neck, its probably not for you xD

  4.  Does the job


    Its pretty much an average VGA cable. Nothing special, bit bulky connectors i must say as well as not being the best quality. Overall bargain for the price and unless you want a nice looking VGA cable, this will do the job just fine.

  5.  Neat little gadget


    It is a pretty neat little gadget. The price was the selling point for me, you cant even get a watch for 15 these days xD Havent had any problems using it so far with the Galaxy S2. With the live view app its pretty customisable and if you want you can have every tweet be displayed. Its max range id say is around 3m so you gotta have the phone close by, cant leave it up stairs and go downstairs expecting it to work. Limited amout of apps unfortunately, twitter, fb, txts, calendar is pretty much it. But at the end of the day you wont regret the 15 price tag for such a nerdy gadget xD

  6.  The Best!


    To put it in simple terms, this is the best anti-virus software i have ever used.. Using kaspersky since 2009 i can surely say i have never had a problem with it. It is very efficient, it constantly scans your computer without taking up any processing power (5-10%). With this edition 2012 it has very good compatibility with most of the web browsers (google chrome, firefox) offering increased security and additional functions such as secure on screen keyboard and scans all the URL to tell you if they are safe or not. The best feature must be the updates. It constantly recieves new updates, multiple times a day giving you a piece of mind knowing that it is capable of protecting the computer against the newest threats on the www

    For such a low price, its a bargain.

  7.  Very nice case.


    Its a really nice case and complementing the white galaxy s2 nicely without increasing its thickness by much. As well as that all the holes provide better circulation to the phone compared to solid cases. The only drawback is all holes are dust magnets and require frequent cleaning.

  8.  INSANE!


    The TV is insane. I went to see a demo of this few weeks back, it blew me away! I have a 23" full HD gaming monitor, but this TV beats it by miles. The frame rate is sooo smooth and the 3D is amazing!!! Literally insane. The colour reproduction is mind blowingly beautiful. The colours really pop out. Only drawbacks are that the glasses can only be used with this TV and the price tag is huge! Otherwise its a beast!

  9.  Fantastic!


    Brilliant box set. Movies are on separate disks but in the same box and all include bonus material such as directors commentary, short films etc.

    If you like apocalyptic movies or where aliens descend onto the earth, this is the box set for you. The graphics in 2012 are breath taking, literally on the same level as avatar!!! Battle LA and district 9 are very interesting and engaging films. District 9 is very imaginative and going alot into depth about the alien technology and stuff whereas Battle LA is just about protecting the planet and destroying them as fast as possible.

    Overall its a steal for the price. Highly recommend!

  10.  ITS HUGE!


    The poster is massive! I didnt take note of the size and now it has arived, i dont know where to put it. I thought i would put it on the door but considering the size, i would need 2 doors! xD

    The poster is very high quality printed on glossy paper. It was nicely wrapped and placed in a tube to protect it. Real bargain for the price!