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  1.  used to be a good thing


    don't buy this
    like the other reviews, this does not work anymore but i did find a small problem:
    if it was american the game rins in 60hz which doesn't work on some tv's
    i only got this game for smash bros, but when i moved to the uk version of the game, the save does not work you have to start a new game.
    i am now planning to sell my american version of the game as it is now useless



    i must say, after i got the game on the day it was out i am always playing it
    it fits a door quite nicely if you are a big nintendo/mario fan, GET THIS POSTER and its only 3.00 BARGAIN!!!

  3. MySims


    Nintendo Wii

    3 New from  £10.95  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.81

     Real shame


    The first week i was on it, i was hooked but in the end it gets boring and that it freezes up much of the time, i thought it was gonna be really good, but i am very disapointed
    Look at the reviews to make a decision on the new one thats comming out soon...

  4.  Best game ever, shame about the waiting time though...


    This game brings the title to wii, at least now people will know what the the game is, because of the gamecube, anyway, with over 40 characters, and the abilty to collect music and trophies including the bigger adventure mode, where people meet up, just like heroes, it gets you to choose and play as characters you don't normally play as
    Shame about sonic, but his smash bove is ok, just like pikachu's...

  5.  Ace!


    I baught series 1 and 2, i watch them all the time, they both come with deleted scenes and even shows you how 2 draw heatblast
    But, the only problem is that it is american, but it is well worth it, to get a multi-reigion player

  6.  Perfect game!


    Before i start, you can play this game on a GBA and a ds, but on a dslite, the cartrige pokes out even more because of the xd card. It has a headphone socket in the cartrige but if your thick, u won't find the internal volume control, if u hav a ds, DONT use the ds headphone socket because it sounds horrible including it coming out of the speakers

  7.  Horrible and feels so CHEAP!


    100% Horrible. The only good thing is the dalek, but it feels so light and cheap.


  8.  The best usb drive, every1 should get


    Fast writing speed and a U3 program to download and manage little programs from this amasing drive
    You will never have to mind for caps as this one slides into the drive itself!
    Although one problem is that it takes a bit of time to eject safley

  9.  Very good sat nav, but low battery life


    before i start, i must say to always take the charger cord with you.
    Downloading using the tomtom program is easy and you can backup your memory but it does take a while. You can also find websites to download free voices and when i go out, i have the pleasure of homer simpson and yoda to take me to blackpool! so it is a waste of money downloading voices off the program, and the maps availble off it are very very expensive, so i think its recomended for uk use only.
    The bluetooth use is used for updating and traffic information, but it does take credit off your phone.
    It also likes to take you through small roads you are never able to find!

  10.  yes, its faulty, but...


    it is tons better than goblet, but really, any game is!
    yes its faulty, but it has no loading times, and its a lot bigger, than prisoner. The rooms are built from the blueprints from the real thing, but the graphics could be better.
    The game does go through a bit quick, but dueling is a problem, in the end, your standing on a chair to levitate some cogs and swinging the controllers all over the place, but overall, the game is not bad at all