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  1.  Great game!!!


    This is probably the best fps. Gameplay is great and graphics are fab. The new special ops is class, but the story always seem short only takes a couple of hours to complete but with the special ops you have alot more to play. The game is made for online. Activision better have a good story for COD 7 because this game is gonna take some beating.

  2.  CHAOS!


    When I first looked at the map I was a bit worried but because of all the activities and missions the map is full of things to do. The good part also being the grappling hook were you can explore a variety of ways to kill the enemies.The gamew has improved since the last Just Cause however I still think the Graphics could have been better quality.

  3.  AVP


    What a game. some good points and bad points about the game, one of them being the length of the campaign moods. Only takes 2 hours to complete one . Apart from that it is a very good game; it has the real noises from the weapons and Charcters. A must buy for any fan.

  4.  Average hannibal!


    So this was supposed to be a gripping thriller to tell the story of hannibal. Watched it, wasn't that scary just predictive. This could have been made into one of the greatest hannibals ever. But insteadthey based it on his sisters death and he chases her killers and kills them. Poor film.

  5.  What a load of tosh.


    This game is so bad it dosen't desserve one star francly. Graphics are terrible because the charcters don't look like anyone from the film, no terminators just really annnoying spider machines that to kill you have to go to the back of them. Worst film to game.

  6.  Average terminator


    Went to see at cinemas it was alright but it could have been made better. john connor is supposed to be the Resistance leader he isn't, it's some people on a ship giving john orders. Hope that the next one is better.

  7.  A Pupet masterpiece!


    A great film made by wait for it: Puppets. Hep puppets and what laughter this is. This film is so good but its made by the south park directors which can make anything funny. Kin-Jong il is very very funny.

  8.  Disturbia


    Great film by Shia lebeouf great story great cast 10/10 must BUY!

  9.  Ring the bell Fight nights comin!


    This game is increddible didn't however play last years but got this one and its great the graphics are stunning and the punch mode is great. This is a true boxing game legend!

  10.  Same old Fifa!


    Well it is one of thoose games that will not go from the gaming industry. One of the best football games is finally hear and to tell the truth its good but could be better.They could have really made this into one of the best sports games ever but its Just the same like last years with some new features like Virtual Pro. However Fifa last year was great so a goodstep for Fifa 10. Hopefully fifa 11 will be improved.