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  1.  A lot more effort is required in modern FPS titles...


    How Zoo magazine gave this 9/10 is beyond me.

    It's difficult to write a review for a war based FPS without making comparisons to the Call of Duty and MoH titles, but I'm afraid the bar has been set, and games like this have to try and reach it.

    Homefront gets about 1/3 there, and falls in a badly rendered, last-gen heap on the floor.

    Linear gameplay, poor weapon mechanics, atrocious dialogue that often continues after the event has occurred and save points in the most annoying points in the game - whoever decides to put a save point *before* a bit of the game that is none-playable, so you have to sit through it each time has clearly got something against gamers.

    That said, the chopper level was a lot of fun and the storyline did pick up towards the last few levels.

    Please don't make Homefront 2.

  2.  Superb


    Racing games can tend to get a little dry after a certain amount of time, but Split/Second's beautiful graphics, and fast-paced adrenaline fuelled racing never seems to let up!

    Once you get the hang of drifting, and start to progress through the seasons, the AI gets gradually tougher, to the point where you think the Xbox has a serious grudge against you (i.e. shunts at critical points in the race WILL destroy your chances of winning). This can be annoying, but racing game AI is always a bit like that. Learn to use the power plays to your advantage, though, and you'll soon be laughing in the other car's faces... erm bumpers.

    At 12.99 (as is the Play price today) you'd be daft not to buy this. Brilliant!