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  1.  massive dissapointment!


    this is easily the worst of the trillogy and probably the worst film i have seen in a while.Very bad acting and boring action. megan fox's replacement is terrible, ugly( looks like an alien) and she can't act for love or money. the comedy also falls flat on it's face probably because it is aimed at 6 year olds. avoid at all costs and this is coming from a fan of the first two.



    THIS IS EASILY THE BEST TV SHOW EVER!!! Keifer was born to play this role!

    buy it now and this is price is a barg!

  3.  hmm....shame


    heard a lot of hype about this film, unfortunately it didnt live up to it. Sure it's well acted and directed but there isnt really any story and what little there is uninteresting. The threat of the creatures doesnt last and you never feel like the characters are in any danger at any point of their journey. It feels like its building up to a huge climax but then it just ends, leaving you with the feeling of " oh, is that it..." Watch The Mist instead.

  4.  kung fu is the new karate!


    simply put this years most enjoyable film! hopefully jackie chan will be nominated for an oscar when they come round for his performance. Loved the Original and loved this one just as much. The reason for it still being called Karate Kid is because they couldnt use "kung fu" due to copyrights on kung fu that the creators of kung fu panda had. Nether the less, this is still Karate kid at heart, and it has a lot of it. my fave film of the year!

  5.  action film of the year!


    awesomedary is a pretty good description of the second transformers movie. bring on number 3!

  6.  actually


    I think you'll find that spielberg wrote the first one but is uncredited with hooper directing

  7.  JCVD acts his heart out!!


    Very good film! Jcvd acting is superb especially in the monologue scene where he bears all!! Sure its not full of action and fights so if your looking for that watch an old van dam film. This is the new van dam and he can act!!

  8.  zombies zombies zombies!


    Cod world at war is the dogs!

    All i can say is solo player is awesome, multi player is awesome, co-op is awesome and nazi zombie mode, wait for it...awesome!

  9.  run your heart out!


    Awesome game!very original!take the risk and jump for this!only thing it could have done with is multiplayer, like tag or catch the bag or somehting like that! That would even more awesome!

  10.  um..


    Some funny ideas but never lives up to anything. Id wait till 2.99 or rent