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  1.  weak album


    good album on it's own right, but if you compare to their previous releases i personnally feel it's a weak album with no real stand out songs. it lacks the punch of nightmare for me and could've been better

  2.  Marmite horror


    watch with an open mind. originally i was sceptical when watching it, but really really enjoyed it. it is, as previously reviewed, a twist on a well worn story - teenagers in a creepy place die one by one. the twist is not oscar winning but well thought out. overall a great refreshing horror comedy without trying too hard

  3.  i agree, clever sequel


    while i echo the 5 star review. the only reason i have rated it lower is the chronological aspect. they have continued the story well, by picking up from the original as it finished. but the bit i found a little lazy was that they seemed to make a few schoolboy errors in connecting it timeline-wise to the original. we all know the original took place in the seventies and this film clearly takes place in present day. the herione looks 20-25 not nearly forty, the mobile phone/camera use, the new cars and brief saw film reference. saw reference and mobile phone were not needed, i felt they didn't add anything to the film. an older set of cars could've been easily used. apart from this it's a very enjoyable film and well worth watching

  4.  Do Not Buy!!


    This is NOT 'The Complete Boxset' as one episode is missing and you don't find out until you start watching!

  5. Stampede


    Hellyeah - CD

    3 New from  £9.99  Free delivery

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     great album!


    bought this album a week ago and saw them live last night at the nia, awesome band and an album that's must for metal fans

  6.  Another amazing album by Five Finger!


    I am always sceptical when a band has an awesome first album as to whether the second will be as good, but this album delivers 100%. In every way this is as good as the first album, if not better, so if you have the first and like it you'd be a fool not to buy this aswell. An awesome band with two truly awesome albums

  7.  BUY THIS ALBUM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Does exactly what it says on the tin - Mudfight between Pantera and Slipknot. Also bought on a whim after listening to one track on Scuzz and is now probably the best album of the year. Now I have listened to the album a few times, I definately will not be leaving the main stage at Download on Saturday. Advice to anyone reading this, just buy the album you will not be disappointed!