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  1.  Stunning


    Beautiful programme.
    I paid much more than this a while back & it was worth every penny. A steal at this price.

  2.  Wrong!


    Don't know what the earlier reviewer below is complaining about. The reason pinocchio isn't 16:9 is because it wasn't made in widescreen! It's original aspect ratio was 1.37:1 (ie 4:3). Google it!

    Classic film & the blu-ray version is the definitive edition.

    ...Next you'll be complaining raging bull is only available in black & white

    Edit: There is no confusion. Let me repeat again. A TRUE 16:9 version of Pinocchio does NOT exist! Your 16:9 DVD is either squashed & stretched to fill 16:9 (making everyone look like fat midgets), or the top & bottom of the screen has been cropped off.

    According to reviews, just the film alone takes up 23.9GB on the Blu-ray disc. A 16:9 version would likely be even larger size (due to having to fill more of the screen). It's highly unlikely you would be able to fit both versions at the same picture quality onto a 50GB disc. Even if you could just about do it, by including 2 versions of the film, you'd have no room for any extras (PiP, commentary etc).

    If you're so determined to watch your Blu-ray disc in fake 16:9 then use the 'zoom' functions that are available on any widescreen TV. This will give an identical picture to as if they'd put a fake 16:9 version on the disc.
    Problem solved, don't insist on everyone else having an inferior 16:9 version taking up space, at the expense of picture quality & extras on their discs.