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  1.  All non-collectors watch your flanks!!!


    This figure is spectacular! it has a great number of articulation points including the hands, forearms etc. but the thing that i liked best, i put some blu-tac on his shotgun, stuck it on his back and gave him a lancer to make him look like my multiplayer character!!!

    Another thing, this might have been mentioned in someone else's review, but the grenadier's left hand is wide open but don't be disappointed; you can give him whatever weapon you want, thats why it was so easy for me to give mine a lancer! for 7.99 this is a steal grab him now before he grabs you!!!

  2.  IMMENSE!!!


    A very good MK game, finally a game that shows Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman etc gettin' their butts handed to them haha!!! although the takeaway of the original brutal OTT gory fatalaties was a bit of a let down, hence the one star missin'... but above all get this game! and for all the fans of Scorpion, definatly buy this, he's at his most kickass form yet!!! (Scorpion fatality one: Down, Down, Down, B... Scorpion fatality two: Right, Right, Left, Down, A) be sure to type these buttons at mid-range, don't mention it!!! until next time, this is Marcusbasher247 sayin' SCORPION ROCKS!!!

  3.  ALIENS


    This figure is AMAZING, this the classic alien warrior from James Cameron's Awesome movie Aliens! This alien comes with poseable feet, legs, thighs, waist, head, shoulder, forearm, and hands, thats over 20 points of wicked articulation!!!

    it has a pipe-cleaner tail, which is bendable, quick note: don't try and position it like the picture cos it will break... Its mouth is closed but you can open it and pull out the inner jaw, it is a shame they didnt put a switch in for the inner jaw.But above all, Best figure i ever bought CHEERS PLAY.COM!!! It's a Bargain for 13.95, so hurry, get them before they get you...

  4.  The new era of 40k


    it is an immense game, especially the new chaos space marines all though the new tyranid genestealers were a bit of a let down, anyway the campaign has new features but is a little short...

    i was so into the Eldar i have even added Dark Eldar colours, above all this game rocks! i sure wish the next expansion feature the Tau Empire of The Necrons OOOOH THE NECRONS!!! that would be totally awesome. if you have the first Dawn of War II, i'd seriously recommend you buy this, it's EVOLUTIONARY!!!!

  5.  The Hunt for Predator Figures Begins...


    This is truly an awesome figurine, for a battle-damaged monster, he easily tops them all for the fact he comes with face-hugger and chest-burster enemies. His articulation is tops and the detail on his mask is so incredible, with my figure, you can see his eyes through his helmet. ( dunno how that happened :/ ) His equipment is bloomin' badass, he comes with a spear, extending wrist blades, plasmacaster, medi-comp, and cleaner kit.

    If i was ya's i'd seriously buy him, because... he's easily the best figure you could imagine, also look out for stealth predtor, unmasked battle-damaged predator, i also have another reason why i have fun, i have a battle-damaged alien to fight him LOL, My next review shall be on, the Stealth Predator, TA TA FOR NOW...

  6.  Amazing Improvement!


    This is my second Gears of War toy review, but i'd like to say that NECA, improved the Locust form, they've increased the articulation, i mean for example: the original Grappler had disappointing articulation, now they've increased the artculation on the arms and elbows. And the fact you could customize their heads is fantastic-o!
    If you have not got this Horde box set, I'd seriously recommend you buy this pack, it's value for money is £32.99, and fun in the right hands, TALLY-HO!



    To be fairly honest, Grindor is a waste of money, 'cause he's pretty much, Voyager Blackout, but with a lighter colour-scheme, new head-sculpt, and a repainted Scorpinok fig. So, if you already have Blackout, i'd recommend that you seriously re-think this one through, before purchasing Grindor! Like i said, A SIMILAR REPEAT OF BLACKOUT!



    Absolutley incredible, although the bloomin' peg broke off. Either way it's so cool especially with the articulated face-plate, i SO hope they bring out a figure of either a Kantus, or SKORGE, and very soon...