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  1.  impressive player


    I have had this player just over 4 days now and i have been really impressed with it.
    The controls although not having the jog wheel of the ipod are still easy to use, having currently loaded just over 1000 songs on to it i and can still locate any track within a few seconds. The supplied headphones are far better than the any of the rivals stock headphones that I have heard, they carry a good amount of bass and avoid being over crisp.
    Plugging in my Shure headphones and the sound really is startling, for my money a far superior sound to that of the ipod.
    An excellent graphics equaliser and the bass enhancement system really allow you to taylor the sound to your tastes from full on Bass to clarity and crispness within a few seconds.

    The system itself is small well built and with 40h continuous playback time on music just keeps going and going. With twice the storage of an ipod nano lower cost and better sound (not to mention nearly twice the playback time) if you are looking for a protable player in this range i would give the Sony very serious consideration.
    The Video player works well and runs downloaded programs from iplayer pretty smoothly.
    The biggest advantage of this player is all the different audio formats it will play compaired the the ipods AAC only. That means you can sync tracks (very quicky) onto it from Windows media player ... winamp.. pretty much most media players I've tried. So no need to install itunes and then spending ages converting everything to AAC format just to play it.
    One last little thing is that the screen is flat unlike the nano so its viewable in bright sunlight! Its a small thing but avoids one of those little annoyances! Don't get me wrong I like ipods but this player really is very good, the ipod may edge this out on functionality but this will do pretty much everything you want it too and sound better in the process! I listened to the two players back to back there is enough of a difference on sound to make me buy the sony no question.

  2.  quality headphones


    This was the first time i'd purchased a set of high end headphones Although an entry level pair the sound difference is very noticable.
    i've had them a week now and with maybe 20 hours of listening the Bass does seem to get fuller as they bed in.

    The critisim they have recieved for having little or no bass power I think is unfair. I have compaired them directly to a set of Sony MDR-EX75SL's which do carry alot of bass. If anything I would say the shures are better.
    Take the time to get a good fit well into the ear and the difference becomes aparent. The Shures bass is deeper and clearer leaving the sony's with a slightly muffled artificial sound by comparrison.
    The sony's are good headphones don't get me wrong, however the clarity of the Shures leaves them behind. Mid Range on them is the main strength. Clear and bright without being over crisp.

    The only criticism i can make of them is sometimes in the high ranges you are left feeling that they dont quite let go. That may change as they bed in a little more but if it doesn't its not a problem as I rather slightly held back than over crisp.

    Good fit
    Excellent blocking of external sound
    Clarity of bass and mid range is awsome.
    Shure give a 2 year guarentee

    Treble doesn't quite fill out sometimes.
    headphones are quite large.
    Will really show up your poorly ripped MP3's

    I too as many people here got them on the discount day. However that said If I went back to buying cheap headphones now I think i'd just find the sound "not quite right" and perhaps a little annoying. So I would pay 50 pounds for another set but only because i like them so much. If you can afford premium headphones whether it be Shure (which i highly recommend) or sennheiser or whoever. it is definately worth paying that little extra as i have discovered.

    Right i'm off to go reburn loads of CD's at a better quality as these really do show up bad recordings!