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  1.  Crysis Multiplayer Review-Amazing experience :)


    I got crysis 2 limited edition in a deal. I have only played the multiplayer game so far but what I can say is that the basic multiplayer games available are awesome. I am always lagging in fps multiplayer games, but ive played so much of crysis 2 multiplayer over last four days, that now im starting to get near the top with my scores ! It is greatfun levelling up and gaining new features as yiou level up and the levels themselves are very good indeed. :) One down side is that I bought one of the downloadable map packs but so far ive not played anyone on them . People stick to the main maps for some reason. Anyway dont let that put a downer on the game because the basic multiplayer game is very good. Much better experience than with call of duty black ops. 10/10 for the multiplayer :)

  2. Rift


    PC Games

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     This game is awesome


    Im in the 7 day headstart after being on the final beta. Seriously this game is solid it is so much fun to play. Dont listen to people who have been having problems with queing in the game. The reason why they have been queing is because theyve been joining full servers instead of the lower ones. I got into the game straight away every time ive played because i chose a lower population server.

    If your wanting fun out of a mmo try this game for sure. The rifts and periodic invasions are so much fun it adds a whole new aspect to mmo gaming and best of all its working :)

    hardly anyones complaining apart from the queing but thats down to the person complaining for picking a full server. Enjoy the game :)

  3.  Dont Believe anyone who says this game is poor


    This has been one of the most awesome games ive ever played. I dont normally play super hero type games but I chose this one because it was dark in nature. Im so glad I got to experience what i did, from beginning to end I had nothing but sheer enjoyment from it. The bosses in this game are very good especially the scarecrow. The scarecrow boss was my favourite and killer croc too as they were both original and masses of fun to play against. There is no way you should miss out on this game experience it is quite unique :)

  4.  Must Have Game !!


    This game stinks of action through and through. I got this as an early xmas present and ive completed it already cause it was such fun to play. Basically it plays very much like gta but in this game you can destory everything. Not only are you to go from mission to mission but you can be interrupted by live missions that happen on the spot. this element makes it feel more realistic and makes you think your actually in a live war. Some of the missions are amazingly intense and full of live action ! Its just simply an amazing game everyone must play.

  5.  Review based on demo


    I have played the demo through about 30+ times now and all I can say is this game is brilliant fun to play. I played the first one and its more of the same type of gameplay with more guns to choose from etc. I will be definitely buying this game on pc as I had the first one on xbox 360 and pc trounces it because of the accuracy of the mouse. Left for dead games is all about accuracy and the pc version id say is your best option if you want the most out this amazing game. I am getting tons of fun just out the demo on steam, you should try it now !